Friday, October 24, 2014

more crochet headbands

Today is the third day consecutive that I publish crochet headbands. 
I've had a few days of passion for headbands ...
I hope will not be boring  for you... sorry for repeating myself!
Come on! here the crochet headbands!

Last week I tidy up my things and I found this wonderful box.
Full of cotton yarn! soft and beautiful colors!
This is the most fun! when you put order things
and you find treasures like this! hahahaha!

The headband pink is more smaller because it is for a little girl.
The others crochet headbands are for a woman.

I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn Anell Cotton 8.
I long since I bought them at Yvestown ( here )
The crochet headbands that I made the other day for Carlota 
(you can see here ) also I do like these, with the same yarn.

I promise you that one day in the future will be something different!

Thanks for your visit, dear reader!
Thanks for taking a little time to leave a comment!
I'm immensely grateful with you!

Have a nice day!

Bye! Bye!


  1. Ils sont superbes tes bandeaux !! Et c'est toujours très utile ! Have a creative day !

  2. headbands galore !!!!! I love them, too!!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  3. Peciosos tus trabajos ,saludos.


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