Wednesday, November 26, 2014

rain drops in my little garden of succulents

Last night was rained and I love come out the terrace
after a rain and see my plants, my little garden.
I marvel at the raindrops on the leaves of succulents
and with so much beauty... I go to look the camera photo!
Here are some secrets of my little garden ...
some of my beloved succulents ...

There is such a variety of succulent plants on Earth!
I am fascinated by these plants ... each has great charm ...
forms ... leaves ... colors .... I love them!

If you follow me on Pinterest, there you will find two boards
(currently and up to now!) only succulents.
I live pleasant moments watching these plants ...
Especially in the morning, with good coffee
and with the cold in my face ...

This year has not yet come the big cold ...
I have thought today in the morning:
will survive at the cold winter, my beloved succulents ...?
I think so! What is not good for this type of plant
is the excess water ... even so, they are very resistant ...

You have looked well these photos?
You do not think that succulents are fascinating?
It makes me very happy to see such beautiful, year after year,
the cycle of the seasons in my small garden ...

And if in the morning I like to see my little garden for a while
at night I like to sit on the couch
and I like worked the granny crochet stitch ...

I know I said a few days ago that I would look for a different stitch ...
but ... this stitch is a vice relaxing! hahahaha!

Thanks for being here in
my world of wool!!!

I hope you have a nice day and
happy crocheting to you all!

See you soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

robe apliques and Seguiremos - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu y Macaco

Hello, dear readers
For many days I not have sewed and I almost
did not remember how take the needle ...
The fact is that I wanted to to add a touch cheerful
a the school robes of Carlota. The kindergarten robes
are very cheerful last year (you can view them here ).
So I thought it would be a good idea
to decorate the new robes with appliques also.

A house, a car, a moon and rain.
This is what Carlota wanted. And I did not use any template.
I drawed, cutting, pasting and sewing. But ...
was so complicated sewing inside pockets !!!!
very hard work ... so I sew a few times so bad that I had to undo...
very difficult in such a small space!!!!!
pockets are small and my hand almost no towards inside ...

I had the help of this wooden egg!
even so very complicated, really ... it would have been easier
unstitched pockets and then return them to sew ...
but the work is done! these appliques are not perfect ...
but Carlota liked very much!

For sewing all appliques I always use yarn brand DMC, hilo mouline.
There is a great variety of colors!
And I love seeing all the threads together in a little box!

Today I want to share with you a video of solidarity.
Please! open it and see it!
every time you do it 
help the fight against cancer!
The singer Macaco with employees, patients and families
of the 8th floor of the Children's Hospital San Joan de Déu of Barcelona.

Have a nice day and
thanks to you all !!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

a crochet cowl for my lovely daughter

I guess that it happens to us all as mothers ...
I think my sweet princess is the prettiest in the world ....
I have no words to express how beautiful I think that she is!
She is friendly, outgoing, happy, funny, generous, hardworking,
singer, painter, great reading ... I have no words ...
And she is super happy with her new crochet cowl.
Now she wants the same every morning for to going to school!
she loooooooooooooves! and that makes me happy ....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a set of crochet mittens and cowl

A set of crochet mittens and cowl are a good gift.
And so I made this set with purple tones,
the favorites colours for my sister ...

My sister has small hands, so for to make crochet mittens with smaller size
we have reduce the number of chains in the start of work.
Instead of making 30 (as you can see in the above mittens here )
this time I made 26 chains to the beginning.

I know I could use other stitch for to work crochet cowl...
but I like granny stitch ! Maybe I repeat much ....
maybe I should take a look on Pinterest for take ideas ....
but, as always, I do the same stitch....
I love, I love the granny stitch!

Thanks for your visit, dear reader!
my world of wool, with the cold these days,
is more active than ever!

And you, you make crochet these days?
I hope so!

Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

crochet cowl

One year ago, I have pendant make a crocheted cowl.
Today, finally, is finished. I present my latest project.
A colorful crochet cowl.

You remember that I showed you crochet triangles
a few days ago? you can see here
Well, crochet triangles were to make this crochet cowl ...

Here you can see the front and back.
I used a crochet hook to attach the triangles.

And here you can see how very well looks the crochet cowl!

I hope that the person who should receive this crochet cowl
likes it very much ...  It is a surprise!

I love it... I want one for me!!!!!

I worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft DK.
And as always, I think that the handmade cowls they are so nice ...

I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to work
because I'm already doing a new crochet cowl ... 
soon I will show you!

I'm eager to know if the owner will be happy
with their crochet cowl ...

Have a nice day!
And many thanks for your comments!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

two kitten amigurumis

Until recently I had not ever done any amigurumi ...
and now, lately, I've had fever amigurumi!
Today I am presenting two very nice friends.
Two very playful amigurumis!
I started to make a doll but I did not know
what it would become after.
And slowly arise a crochet  kitten  ...

First I did a beige kitten ...
and I think that is quite different  that a cat...
but the second amigurumi that I made it is more similar a cat!

I have to improve my technique amigurumi but I think
they look pretty good, do not you think?
And I do not know the art of embroidery,
next time I'll try that nose kittens will be better ...

I did not follow any pattern and I worked
with 3mm crochet hook and yarn Anell Cotton 8.
These amigurumi can be fun as keychains!

These two kittens now have a new home.
A small detail for some of my friends.
I like to give away handmade things!

And now that it seems that autumn has arrived with the rain and cold ...
It's the best time to enjoy crocheting!

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping here!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

autum garland with crochet triangles

A few days ago I started to do some crochet triangles
for to make something that I can not now explain.
Now that I've already done four crochet triangles
I thought it looked really well make a garland of crochet triangles ....

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special DK

I looooooove this color palette. ...
These are truly autumn colors!

I love crochet garlands!
although I've always made garlands for a gift
and I still have not any garland in my house!
hahahaha! it is true!

My little one suffered infection in her ears
and she cried desperately as she had never cried before ...
She was a few days at home without going to school ...

... and we have fun doing  panellets, a typical dessert of Catalonia
in La Castanyada and Tots Sants (Halloween)
This year the panellets were cooked a little too ...
but even so are very good!!!

almond and chocolate, almond, coffe and coconut 

And you, you had a good Castanyada 
or a good Halloween?
I hope so! 

Happy crocheting!

See you soon!