Friday, November 14, 2014

a crochet cowl for my lovely daughter

I guess that it happens to us all as mothers ...
I think my sweet princess is the prettiest in the world ....
I have no words to express how beautiful I think that she is!
She is friendly, outgoing, happy, funny, generous, hardworking,
singer, painter, great reading ... I have no words ...
And she is super happy with her new crochet cowl.
Now she wants the same every morning for to going to school!
she loooooooooooooves! and that makes me happy ....


  1. Guapíssima!!!!!!!!!!

    I el coll també ;)

  2. The crocheted cowl is very pretty - and your little daughter is beautiful. :)

  3. Por supuesto que tu beba está DIVINA!!! y le luce precioso el cuello. Qué deleite que disfrute tus tejidos, porque así tienes excusa para hacerle más cositas lindas ;-)
    Saludos, ♥ Ana BC

  4. Guapissima!!!! I més guapa que la fa anar la mami ;)
    M'encanta tot el que fas Cris, un petonàs!!!!

  5. and it suits her so perfectly !!! Have a lovely week end !

  6. Such a pretty cowl for such a pretty little girl! The colours really suit her and she looks adorable!
    Helen xox

  7. Què contenta amb el coll que li ha fet la mare! no m'extranya que n'estiguis tant orgullosa!

  8. Quina monada de coll !!!! I quina monada de nena que tens, per favor!! Està super gran!! que maca!


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