Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a set of crochet mittens and cowl

A set of crochet mittens and cowl are a good gift.
And so I made this set with purple tones,
the favorites colours for my sister ...

My sister has small hands, so for to make crochet mittens with smaller size
we have reduce the number of chains in the start of work.
Instead of making 30 (as you can see in the above mittens here )
this time I made 26 chains to the beginning.

I know I could use other stitch for to work crochet cowl...
but I like granny stitch ! Maybe I repeat much ....
maybe I should take a look on Pinterest for take ideas ....
but, as always, I do the same stitch....
I love, I love the granny stitch!

Thanks for your visit, dear reader!
my world of wool, with the cold these days,
is more active than ever!

And you, you make crochet these days?
I hope so!

Have a nice day!


  1. Lindo regalo, Cristina :-) Seguro que tu hermana quedará encantada

  2. Simple and beautiful! I love it! :)
    x Dragana

  3. Hi Cristina. It's a very pretty set - your sister will love it. :)


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