Saturday, November 1, 2014

autum garland with crochet triangles

A few days ago I started to do some crochet triangles
for to make something that I can not now explain.
Now that I've already done four crochet triangles
I thought it looked really well make a garland of crochet triangles ....

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special DK

I looooooove this color palette. ...
These are truly autumn colors!

I love crochet garlands!
although I've always made garlands for a gift
and I still have not any garland in my house!
hahahaha! it is true!

My little one suffered infection in her ears
and she cried desperately as she had never cried before ...
She was a few days at home without going to school ...

... and we have fun doing  panellets, a typical dessert of Catalonia
in La Castanyada and Tots Sants (Halloween)
This year the panellets were cooked a little too ...
but even so are very good!!!

almond and chocolate, almond, coffe and coconut 

And you, you had a good Castanyada 
or a good Halloween?
I hope so! 

Happy crocheting!

See you soon!


  1. beautiful garland and yummy sweets …… it's nice to be here!!!!
    Hope Carlota feels better today, happy weekend, xxxx ale

  2. Love the garland - it looks very nice. I hope Carlota feels better soon. :)

  3. I love garlands. They are always fun to make. Hopefully the small Carlota heal quickly.
    Have a great weekend, Tinne

  4. Quines banderoles més boniques!!! m'encanten els colors! Fan molt de tardor! I quins panallets!!! Nyami!!! La Carlota, com sempre preciosa! Bona Castanyada bonica! M

  5. Las galletas se miran deliciosas :-)

  6. I love crocheted garlands! And your desserts seems great! Hope Carlota feels better today:::Happy monday!

  7. Uahla que guai la teva banderola, i quina bona pinta aquesta platereta de panellets amb xocoo :P


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