Wednesday, November 26, 2014

rain drops in my little garden of succulents

Last night was rained and I love come out the terrace
after a rain and see my plants, my little garden.
I marvel at the raindrops on the leaves of succulents
and with so much beauty... I go to look the camera photo!
Here are some secrets of my little garden ...
some of my beloved succulents ...

There is such a variety of succulent plants on Earth!
I am fascinated by these plants ... each has great charm ...
forms ... leaves ... colors .... I love them!

If you follow me on Pinterest, there you will find two boards
(currently and up to now!) only succulents.
I live pleasant moments watching these plants ...
Especially in the morning, with good coffee
and with the cold in my face ...

This year has not yet come the big cold ...
I have thought today in the morning:
will survive at the cold winter, my beloved succulents ...?
I think so! What is not good for this type of plant
is the excess water ... even so, they are very resistant ...

You have looked well these photos?
You do not think that succulents are fascinating?
It makes me very happy to see such beautiful, year after year,
the cycle of the seasons in my small garden ...

And if in the morning I like to see my little garden for a while
at night I like to sit on the couch
and I like worked the granny crochet stitch ...

I know I said a few days ago that I would look for a different stitch ...
but ... this stitch is a vice relaxing! hahahaha!

Thanks for being here in
my world of wool!!!

I hope you have a nice day and
happy crocheting to you all!

See you soon!


  1. PRECIOSES!!!! Què maques!!! A mi les plantes se'm moren... fins i tot els cactus!!! ;)
    El punt de ganxet que estàs fent ara és super xulo. Queda molt bé! Ja tinc ganes de veure-ho acabat :)
    Que passis un bon dia!

  2. Love the colors in your crochet work. Is it a blanket? Succulents are the coolest little plants to enjoy watching them grow. Utterly Lovely !~!

  3. Such a wonderful collection of little succulents, they are very pretty. And your crochet is delightful in those soft green shades.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  4. Son bonics els cactus, en tens un munt de diferents! :)


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