Wednesday, November 19, 2014

robe apliques and Seguiremos - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu y Macaco

Hello, dear readers
For many days I not have sewed and I almost
did not remember how take the needle ...
The fact is that I wanted to to add a touch cheerful
a the school robes of Carlota. The kindergarten robes
are very cheerful last year (you can view them here ).
So I thought it would be a good idea
to decorate the new robes with appliques also.

A house, a car, a moon and rain.
This is what Carlota wanted. And I did not use any template.
I drawed, cutting, pasting and sewing. But ...
was so complicated sewing inside pockets !!!!
very hard work ... so I sew a few times so bad that I had to undo...
very difficult in such a small space!!!!!
pockets are small and my hand almost no towards inside ...

I had the help of this wooden egg!
even so very complicated, really ... it would have been easier
unstitched pockets and then return them to sew ...
but the work is done! these appliques are not perfect ...
but Carlota liked very much!

For sewing all appliques I always use yarn brand DMC, hilo mouline.
There is a great variety of colors!
And I love seeing all the threads together in a little box!

Today I want to share with you a video of solidarity.
Please! open it and see it!
every time you do it 
help the fight against cancer!
The singer Macaco with employees, patients and families
of the 8th floor of the Children's Hospital San Joan de Déu of Barcelona.

Have a nice day and
thanks to you all !!!!!


  1. Preciones les aplicacions, i el vídeo és molt bonic i emocionant :)

  2. Unes bates moníssimes! Quines aplicacions més divertides cris!
    Molts petons
    Pd. Quin video mes emotiu

  3. Guuuaaapppa! quines aplicacions més boniques i colorides! han quedat unes bates precioses... ja sigui amb unes agulles o altres fas preciositats! un petó gran! M


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