Sunday, December 21, 2014

crochet mittens and fingerless gloves

Well, dear readers, today I want to
welcome to winter
with a little wool and warm works.
 You remember?  last year I made for my nephew
a colorful crochet cowl,with orange, blue and gray here )
And this year he wants  fingerless gloves.
For to make these fingerless gloves I worked
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special DK.

And these crochet mittens are for Carlota ....
I think the thumb area has not look  very well ...
sorry! as always I worked without pattern.... hahahaha!
In this case I have worked with 5mm crochet hook
and yarn Stylecraft Special Chunky.

One day after dinner, in my time of relax and crochet,
I started making granny squares with small bits of wool
that had left over from other projects. I still do not know what will be ...
a pillow ...? a handbag ...? I do not know ...

I do not know if I will publish anything until next year ...
I do not know ... but just in case ...
I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Enjoy with your family and friends and with small things of life ...

I hope that 2015 will be a year full of very
nice things and more, more crochet ...

A big hug to you all ...
and thanks for having made me company in this hard year for me ...

Thaaaaaaaaaanks ....
My best wishes for to you all ...
and I hope you have a happy crochet
and many happy crafts!

my world of wool ....

Bon Nadal! Nollaig Shona!
Buon Natale! З Різдвом!
Eguberri! God jul! Feliz Navidad!
Vrolijk Kerstfeest! メリークリスマス!
Joyeux Noël! Sretan Božić!
Glædelig jul! Frohe Weihnachten!
Merry Christmas! 聖誕節快樂!
გილოცავთ შობას! Feliz Natal!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas trees with some fabrics

This year I had not made Christmas decorations
because the Christmas tree is full and more ...
But seeing so many Christmas decorations for the network
I have decided to make these Christmas trees with some fabrics.

You can see where I've inspired me: helen philipps, here
And I'm happy with my little Christmas trees!
this is a beautiful craft for Christmas time, right?
And I practice a bit with my sewing machine,
slowly I learn how it works ...

Some days ago that at our home came the Tió de Nadal, here
Carlota gives a lot of food and it is the same Tió
we visited us last year. It is sooooooooooo beautiful!
Carlota cut papers all day and she paints
and writes letters and words. See the manger ... it is full!

These last two days Carlota very sick with fever ...
Today she will miss the Christmas Festival of school ...
But as always we do things at home.
When she lowers fever and she is better,
she always wants his table next to her mum ... 

If I'm on the couch she wants the table next to the couch ...
If I sewed with sewing machine she wants his table next to the sewing machine ...
She likes crafts. She have discovered the die cutters ...
she always wants to make holes in paper and cardboard!
see the panorama ... the floor always full of things!

And this afternoon when she not have a fever we make cookies.
It was our first time we make cookies.
But our cookies have inflated inside the oven ...
and they have come together !!!! seemed a big cookie!
hahahahaha! I used a knife to separate them ...
some have lost their original form ...
some others I put for for make this photo ....
Still ... have come out very good!

I have wrote this post during the day while Carlota
she are were sleeping next to me, with a high fever...
I am sad when you're sick, Carlota ....
But you and me we have a good time when we make these cookies ...
Always we say at the same time: we are working much!
we make a great team!
I love you ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

crocheted cowl and fingerless mitts

I did not like never winter ...
But I think I like it more each passing year!
especially because I discover many things I can make with crochet.
And every day I learn new things.
And this year I have made some wrist warmers,
it is so fun! And a perfect gift!
Today I show you a set of wrist warmers
and crochet cowl That I have made ...

To do this set of  fingerless mitts and crochet cowl
I have worked with 5mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special Chunky.
Working with 5mm crochet hook was very fast and it's fun!

I liked so much the basket weave stitch.
I have used it for the crocheted cowl and  fingerless gloves.

These mittens and crochet cowl are a gift for a future mum,
which is about to have a child. So she can walk with her baby stroller
without suffering from the cold.

There are so many ways to make fingerless mitts
 but I think that in this case using the basket weave stitch
in the wrist is a good idea.

There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn and
it is very nice to make gifts to newborn but ...
we must take care to mums and they deserve a good gift, right?

This gift has liked much to future mama!
and this makes me veeeeeeeeery haaaaaaaaaappy!

I have a question for you:
How do you call this ..?
mittens ...?
fingerless gloves ...?
fingerless mitts ...?
wrist warmers ...?

Thanks for your visit and your kind comments!

I wish you a good week!

Kisses to you all!

Friday, December 12, 2014

crochet shawl

Hello, dear readers!
Very cold in the place where you live ???
You dress very warm these days?
I yes! lot! And finally I made a crochet shawl for me!

A very warm and colorful crochet shawl that I've made some nights,
when I'm relaxing at home on the couch and watching TV ...

For to make this shawl I have worked with 4mm crochet hook
and yarn Stylecraft Special DK and I wanted shades of blue
because it look very well for jeans. A perfect complement!

I have used this pattern to make the center part of shawl ,
with 64 rows of granny stitch. 

After I did 5 rounds with mesh stitch .
After one round of single crochet. And then waves.
Easy and fun work!

Is not very large size for a crochet shawl,
but enough to use it as I want to use it ...

This morning I have premiered for to dress
like a neck scarf!
This is a very  warm crochet shawl!

Do you like my shawl? You've never done a shawl?
it is handy to warm, really!

Thank you for your visit!

Thanks for your kind comments!

Have a good weekend!

See you soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

recepta pastís de formatge

Des de que una amiga em va donar aquesta recepta
per fer el pastís de formatge, ja no n'he fet de cap altra manera!
Fàcil, ràpida i, el més important: queda deliciós!
A la meva filla li encanta! i menjant-se un on troç de pastís de formatge
jo sé que ella menja tot de coses bones!
Avui comparteixo amb vosaltres aquesta recepta.

pastís de formatge

- 3 ous
- 150 grams de formatge en pols
- 200 ml de nata líquida
- 1 got de sucre
- 1 got de farina
- 2 gots de llet
- 2 iougurts naturals

- Pre-escalfar el forn a 180ºC.
- Posar tots els ingredients en un cassó una mica alt.
- Triturar tot ben triturat amb la batedora elèctrica.
- Untar el motlle amb mantega i espolvorejar una mica de pa ratllat.
- Afegir els ingredients triturats dins del motlle.
- Posar dins del forn 30 minuts, a la part baixa perquè no es cremi.
- Apagar el forn i deixar 15-20  minuts més amb el forn apagat.
- Treure el pastís del forn i deixar reposar unes 3 horetes.

Com més reposat està el pastís més consistència agafa.
Si el feu el dia anterior i ho guardeu al frigorífic,
llavors la textura és perfecta!
Jo el pastís que "sobra" el tallo a trocets
i el guardo amb tuppers dins del frigorífic.
Pots menjar pastís de formatge per esmorzar,
amb un bon cafè amb llet, durant 3 o 4 dies!
Recordeu: no obrir mai la porta del forn fins que no està cuit del tot.
Jo utilitzo un motlle de 30 cm de diàmetre.
Algun cop també ho he fet en una safata quadrada,
podeu fer-ho com més us agradi.
Espero que us animeu a fer aquest pastís de formatge.
I potser us passarà com a mi: 
tothom em demana aquesta recepta!

Que tingueu un bon dia!

P.D.: avui volia publicar un necesser molt bonic que vaig regalar a una amiga meva ... i sense voler he borrat les fotos!!!! bé, era de color lila, treballat amb agulla de 3mm i amb el mateix punt de cistella que vaig fer el coll rosa per la Carlota... en fi, són coses que passen!

Friday, December 5, 2014

crochet cowl with basket weave stitch

Now is the winter cold and my little princess 
has remained sick at home this week. But she is happy and cheerful!
We have sought many distraction and we worked so much ...
I started to make a crochet cowl for a friend but when I was finished,
Carlota told me that she loved and want this cowl for she ...

Well ... for it is for she! I always liked basket weave stitch 
but I did not know how to do it ...
Well, I see some videos that I have stored on Pinterest
and I've been able to do it. You can see here 

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and wool Stylecraft Special DK.
The basket weave stitch has a very nice touch and flexibility.
Look videos, is very easy to do!

My beautiful daughter is learning to breakneck rhythms ...
not that I insist, no! she have curious to learn!
All day:  letters, numbers, words ... and she wants to cut, draw ...
ALL DAY !!! she is very hardworking ...

For a days we have been here at home
and already we have made Christmas tree and the Nativity.
Habitually in our home ... the home of Joseph and Mary is empty
because Carlota puts to all the inhabitants and animals
of Manger in the corral sheep  ...  yeeeeeeees. ......
I do not think there is any dollhouse in the world
as fun as the Manger of our home ...! 

This year the Christmas tree is full of Christmas decorations.
Carlota wanted to put all! Christmas decorations I did last year,
red balls, silver balls, now she put this Christmas ball here and there ...
I loooooooooove watching as she enjoy ...

And I loooooooooove so much this basket weave stitch
that I already have made a new project with the same stitch.
Well, I will show you next day!

Have a nice day and thanks for visit me in 
my world wool!