Friday, December 5, 2014

crochet cowl with basket weave stitch

Now is the winter cold and my little princess 
has remained sick at home this week. But she is happy and cheerful!
We have sought many distraction and we worked so much ...
I started to make a crochet cowl for a friend but when I was finished,
Carlota told me that she loved and want this cowl for she ...

Well ... for it is for she! I always liked basket weave stitch 
but I did not know how to do it ...
Well, I see some videos that I have stored on Pinterest
and I've been able to do it. You can see here 

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and wool Stylecraft Special DK.
The basket weave stitch has a very nice touch and flexibility.
Look videos, is very easy to do!

My beautiful daughter is learning to breakneck rhythms ...
not that I insist, no! she have curious to learn!
All day:  letters, numbers, words ... and she wants to cut, draw ...
ALL DAY !!! she is very hardworking ...

For a days we have been here at home
and already we have made Christmas tree and the Nativity.
Habitually in our home ... the home of Joseph and Mary is empty
because Carlota puts to all the inhabitants and animals
of Manger in the corral sheep  ...  yeeeeeeees. ......
I do not think there is any dollhouse in the world
as fun as the Manger of our home ...! 

This year the Christmas tree is full of Christmas decorations.
Carlota wanted to put all! Christmas decorations I did last year,
red balls, silver balls, now she put this Christmas ball here and there ...
I loooooooooove watching as she enjoy ...

And I loooooooooove so much this basket weave stitch
that I already have made a new project with the same stitch.
Well, I will show you next day!

Have a nice day and thanks for visit me in 
my world wool!


  1. Ooooohhhh! Què maco!!!! Aquest punt és molt xulo! Queda genial. I la Carlota... està preciosa amb el buf!!!
    Bon cap de setmana!

  2. Que maco aquest punt, m'encanta! Jo també vull aprendre a fer-lo :)
    Que guapa que està la Carlota, i els nens s'ho passen pipa per Nadal, oi?
    Un petó

  3. such a beautiful stitch!!!!
    your daughter has good taste, too!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale


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