Monday, December 28, 2015

crochet balls for the Christmas tree

I was so happy with the outcome of the Christmas decorations
that I decided to do more! This time I have made
these crochet balls for the Christmas tree ...

I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn
Natura Just Cotton of DMC. The pattern is so easy!
and you can see here

Carlota and me we love our Christmas tree !!!
It is full of color, full of many handmade things
and even more in next Christmas ...

Many thanks for your kind comments!
I read all comments that you leave this year
and I love always your words ...

I wish you have a nice day!
From my world of wool a big hug to you all!

bye! bye!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

crochet decorations for the Christmas tree

I love Christmas decorations and all this type of crafts,
but as you seen lately I am making crochet scarves
and cowls and this year I not makes any Christmas crafts ... 

But I felt that I wanted to make a Christmas decoration
and in the last minute I make a couple of things.
I asked Carlota what sort of crafts want for our Christmas tree.
And she said to me: "Mama! I want you do
more houses of crochet!"

And here the new houses for our Christmas tree.
They are made with 3mm crochet hook
and yarn Natura Just Cotton of DMC.
A long time ago I not worked with this wool
and I want to tell that has been a great pleasure
for my fingers ... is sooooo sweet ...

And here I show you more cowls and fingerless gloves.
To make these fingerless gloves I used the same stitch
that to make the cowls. I make so many gifts for this Christmas ...
And I love ...

I hope that your Christmas holidays are going very well
and you are enjoying your things, your family and your friends ...
have a nice day my dears readers ...

See you soon....

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bon Nadal

my world of wool ...

 Many thanks for having accompanied me throughout this year.
My best wishes to all of you, for your family,
for your friends and for all those people that you love ...
thanks .......... 

Merry Christmas .....
and happy holiday .......

Kisses to you all ...................

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

legs warmers

Today is the last day of autumn
and I want to publish one post of fall ...
these are the first legs warmers I've done.
It can dress with the cowl that I showed here like a set.
I must say that it is a lovely set and many autumn days
I've dressed with these complements.
Here I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and wool  Stylecraft Special Chunky.

I was so eager to bring leg warmers that I rummage in the cupboard
and I take old boots for transform in booties ...

The brown boots are from 6 or 7 seasons back,
and if I wrong in the experiment I did not matter ...
but the light boots colored are from 3 years back
and they are still too new to allow that the experiment to fail ...

But the result was a great success!
for my legs and my wardrobe!
two pairs of old boots that are in the bottom of the cupboard
were converted into useful booties! perfect!

But you know what makes me happiest ????
that Carlota take these photos above in the street,
near from our home ... she is so happy to make photos ... 
she like a lot!

And today Santa Claus going to school
and give book for all children ...
And Carlota is excited with all these nice events ...
school festival, gymnastic festival, music school festival ...
always there are many children on stage
but my eyes just can see Carlota ... i'm a mother proud!
Thanks Carlota to give me so many great moments ...
love you so...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

crocheted doilies, cowls and Christmas decorations

Finally I made 14 mandalas!
Some have arrived at their destination
and the rest I hope they arrive very soon ...
I enjoyed very much with this craft, I love these colorful doilies ...
Now I will make some for me, these are gifts for some friends ...

All 14 doilies are different, none one is equal
and all are made with different colours.
And all of them have been made with 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS.

And these days I've also been busy with the creation
of more crochet cowls with the same pattern that you can see here
Christmas is coming and I will make some handmade gifts ....

To make these crochet cowls I worked with 6mm crochet hook
and two skeins of wool Special Sylecraft DK.
I like the thickness these scarves,
I worked with two skeins simultaneously.

These scarves can do two laps in the neck.
For girls mesure 60-65 centimeters.
For women 65-70 centimeters.

The fog does not help in light of the photos of recent posts
that I have published ... sorry ... I wish that the image quality
was better but I live in the land of fog  ...

We days ago we decorated our home.
And as always Carlota enjoys a lot ...
Now the Christmas tree illuminates our home
and this year I have not yet made any Christmas craft ...
I'm so busy with making handmade gifts ...!

Hope you have a nice day!
thanks for your sweet comments!

See you soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the history of the panda bear hat

In my days of fever crocheted hats
I also make these hats with a white wool and pom pom.
Here I worked with 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins of Stylecraft Special DK...

The orange and yellow hats were for a gift.
And when Carlota see finishes these crocheted hats she tells me
" Mama! I want one for me, white and with a black pom pom!" 
So ... of course ... I made another hat to Carlota!
And I also make a crochet scarf for her ...

But ... when Carlota sees finished the white hat
with a black pom pom she told me:
"Mama! Mama! I want a hat like a panda bear!"

She has a sweater with  a  panda bear face
and very soon she was related this hat with a panda bear ...
It's amazing how she is so clever ... amazing ...
So ... of course ... the mom makes for her the panda bear hat!

I enjoy to see Carlota so happy...
and she wears this hat many days ago!
and me... when she comes out of school
I can not help but smile to see a panda bear so happy!
I love you so much Carlota ...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

mandalas crochet festival and the winner is ....

Today I am very happy because this week
I have been very productive.
I have made all these mandalas crocheted ...

I have enjoyed incredibly happy hours!
time passes fast when I'm immersed in the crochet! 
As I already explained in the previous post,
to make these mandalas I worked with a 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS ...

And I also announced a Giveaway in the previous post ...
well ... we have a winner! is MIRARI!
Congratulations! contact me by means of email!
You can see the Giveaway here

These beautiful mandalas are as a doily to decorate
or to brighten breakfast and morning, right ...?
 ( You can find the recipe for cheesecake here )

It is difficult to find good day to take photos
with this much fog that existed these days on my land ...
But even the fog ... these mandalas are a festival of color!

Many thanks to all, my friends!
but  specially thanks to lovely's
who leave a comment on the previous post ...



I wish you good weekend
and Happy, Happy December!

see you soon!

Monday, November 30, 2015

mandalas crocheted and Giveaway / Sorteig / Sorteo

I still have hats to show you ... 
but I think maybe you're already boring
with so many hats that I published this fall!
hahahaha! so today something different, that is!
today can see here some mandalas crocheted,
a colorfull crafts and easy to make!

I need more perfection for joining the thread
and fasten off  at the end of every round ...
I think it is too obvious, sorry  ...

For to make these mandalas crocheted
I have worked with 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS, 100% cotton yarn.
I love the colour palette, amazing!

I need to make more, are a little detail for to give friends on Christmas.
But one of these are for you, my dear friends! 
For a long time since I do not do a Giveaway, right?
Well, this week Giveaway in my world of wool!
To participate, just leave a comment on this post
and tell me anything you want.
Comments until the Friday 4.
Good luck to everyone!

Fa temps que no faig un sorteig aquí, oi?
Bé, doncs aquesta setmana sorteig!
Per participar, simplement deixa un comentari aquí
i explica'm el que vulguis.
Comentaris fins el proper divendres dia 4.
Bona sort a tots!
Hace muco tiempo que no hago un sorteo, verdad?
Pues esta semana sorteo!
Para participar, simplemente deja tu comentario aquí
y cuéntame lo que tu quieras.
Comentarios hasta el viernes día 4.
¡Buena suerte a todos!

See you soon!

Monday, November 23, 2015

We protect us from the fog and cold!

What is the best way to protect yourself against the cold?
Here with fog we protect with hats and cowls.
It makes me happy to see that Carlota is very happy
with hats and crocheted cowls that I do for her ...

This crocheted hat and cowl have been made
with two skeins of way simultaneously
and with Stylecraft Special DK yarn.
Again here I've worked with 6mm crochet hook.
You can see the pattern of crochet hat here

I love the fall and winter when the sun is  sparkling
but I not like the fog ...
Even so the fog is beautiful when I'm with her ...
she make me to see the world with others eyes ...!

I wish you have a good day
and happy crocheting!

See you soon!

Monday, November 16, 2015

more crocheted hats and more scarves

Cold, fog, have arrived at our city and landscapes.
and today I will show the new crochet hats.
These crochet hats are a gift for my two nephews.
One is slightly larger than the other.
Both are made with blue wool tones.

For to make these hats I have worked with 6mm
crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special DK,
although I worked with two skeins of yarn simultaneously,
of the way it becomes a thicker wool.

And Carlota she has enjoyed with wrapping gifts.
she always wants to participate in mom's stuff ...
and I'm so happy to see that she is so happy
with these little things ... You can see tutorials
and similar hats here and here

And my incessant activity with hats and scarves
continues with these new crochet cowls.
I have worked in all three with the crochet hook
that accompanies me these days ...

my lovely 6mm crochet! I loooooove it!
We have become inseparable!

Cowl blue:
yarn Deramores Studio anti-pilling chunky,
I have worked with mesh stitch.

Cowl grey:
yarn Stylecraft Weekender super chunky,
I have worked with the same way you can see here
And with left over yarn
I made this new scarf
 and I added two wooden buttons ...

Well, my dear readers and followers ...
I am sad by the events that are happening in the world ...
I write while Carlota sleeping here beside me with fever,
 not to go to school in this afternoon ...
It's cold in the outside. Fog .....
But here in the quiet home,
despite the high fever of my princess  ....
Silence .......
our home is only silence ........
this afternoon and this evening .......
only the noise of computer keyboard
and whatsApp vibration on the phone .......
I wish the world can breathe
the tranquility of our home .......
sad days ....... very sad days .........
but moms must always be prepared ......
to laugh and to play .........
A big hug my dear friends .....
thanks for your kind comments
and for visit my world of wool .......

Peace in the world .....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

We are all Paris!

From my world of wool
I send my condolences and all my support
to the victims, families, friends
and all French people.

Terrorism not can turn off the desire to live,
the culture and the light of this beautiful city ...

We are all Paris!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

a new crocheted hat

This winter I think I will not do any blanket ...
Because all my time for to make crochet
I decide to make crochet accesories.
Crocheted hats, cowls, crochet scarfs ...
Today I will show a new crocheted hat ...

This crocheted hat, of course,
comes on with a  pom-pom :)

For to make this crocheted hat
I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and yarn Deramores Studio Anti-pilling Chunky.
I love working with 6mm crochet hook,
fast and pleasant for crocheting.

This crocheted hat and the gray hat
( that I show you in this other post here )
both are for a friend, whom she loves coffee.
I think that she will have a confortable winter!

And as you may have noticed already,
this year I used these two ways for to make crocheted hats.
Perhaps if I can in the next post I will explain the tutorial
that I have created for to make the blue hat.
It's mine own creation and I'm happy to share with you.
Wow! I think that this autumn
I'm learning many crochet things ...

My dear friends,
I think that november will be
a great month to crochet work !!!

see you soon!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutorial how to make a beanie for children 4-6 years

So after I have made the cowls that I showed here
I decided to make a crocheted hat for Carlota.

For to make this crochet hat
I worked with 6mm crochet hook
and yarn Stylecraft Sepecial Chunky.

Tutorial how to make a beanie for children 4-6 years
( US crochet terms )
Start: chain 30
5hdc, 20 dc, 5 sc
30 or 32 rows follow explanations

The procedure for making this hat is always the same,
the size will depend on the chains in start and number of rows.
That is simple like this!

And finally after 15 days of waiting
Tuesday it rained!
And Carlota could wear the wellies! yeeesss!!!!!

Because already 15 days ago when she would wake up
every morning just wondering:
" Mama! mama!  it rains today???
I want rain! in this country ever rain?!
I want it to rain and jump in puddles as Pepa Pig ! "
My love ... she is happy jumping in puddles,
making panellets, looking for bugs and ants,
she is happy when chasing a fly ...

Like every year, this week we have made panellets
Carlota can not feeling more happiness!
she helped in the whole process and enjoyed much.
These panellets have been delicious!
You can find the recipe here and here

Bona Castanyada  and
Happy Halloween, my dear friends ...

see you soon ...