Friday, January 16, 2015

We make crochet, not war

I am involved in several projects crochet,
I hope to finish next week and show you it.
For now, here are some bits ....

You can imagine that will be this ...?
I am impatient to finish these crochet projects!
Soon, soon ...

And I'm happy for the purchase of a new book.
This time a book sewing. Yeeeeeeeees!
I found many things on the network and Pinterest,
but I likes also to have my small library of crochet and sewing projects ...
In this book have many easy projects for people like me
who have no idea of sewing. I love my new purchase!

I hope you have a beautiful day full of sewing,
crocheting, crafts and beautiful things. In this world full of cruelty
sometimes I have trouble concentrating for make beautiful things ... 
I wish in the country where you are now,
whatever religion that you have, I hope you're happy ...
Say NO to terrorism. Say NO to fanaticism.
We make crochet, not war.

A big hug to you all, my dear readers...


  1. I understand you Cristina, sometimes I feel stupid talking about crochet and add colorful pictures but It seem difficult to me to expore my skein of feelings in my blog.. big hug to you!

  2. Lindos proyectos te traes entre manos... ;-) Saludos!

  3. Unes mantetes potser? ;) quina bona pinta, amb ganes de veure que és! petonets i bon any!

  4. We must work for Peace in our world or the kids we bring into it will have hard lives. War frightens me as does terrorism-like most people, I'm certain. Be safe, Cristina, and allow the love to flow from you into the world.

  5. Guuaapa! amb moltes ganes de veure quins són aquests projectes queestàs fent! un petó gran gran!

  6. Your new crochet projects are already looking beautiful! Enjoy your new sewing book too! Happy weekend, Cristina.
    Helen xox


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