Friday, February 20, 2015

crocheted cowl and mittens for me and Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down feat. Jasmine Thompson

Today I have finished a crochet cowl and mittens for me.
I love the result! and I am eager to show it to you!
Come on!

A set of crochet very happy, for the last days of winter cold
and cheerfull for to receive soon month March,
my favorite month!

Again I used the granny stitch, this time a line for each color.
The mittens this time are shorter than the other crochet works I've done.

I have worked with 4mm hook and yarn Sylecraft Special DK.

And for do not be tempted to give away,
which causes then  never I do not have anything handmade for me ...
today I have won me this precious crocheted set!

And yesterday was a perfect day
to go see the sea and I met with a good friend.
What nice day, my dear friend ... Perfect!
One day full energy and a good day for enjoy my little one.
She would be always in the beach in Cambrils ...
So ... we we go!

Practiced launching stones again and again and again ...
always she finds a stone that she must take the stone and throw it ...
she loooooooooooooove it!

She enjoyed playing with the sand.
And we found a little treasure!
We invented the story ... Once upon a time ...
a boat and a dish very nice it fell into the water ...
and the dish broke and went to the seabed ...
and the waves brought a little piece of dish on the beach ...
we love inventing stories!

I like sunsets. Always. In the sea. In the field.
At home. When I drive the car ... When I'm walking
and playing with my daughter ... I love sunsets ...
And are ideal for to take photos ...

Fine weather coming soon ,
wakes me creativity and desire to do things.
A little sun and my instinct to leave each day
to see the plants on the terrace ...
after the snowfall still have survived some of the smaller ...

Today I could not resist to do some gardening and pruning the hydrangeas ...
I'll see if I'm lucky and blooms as much as last year!
I cut the leaves lily, do not know if I've done well ...
but they were severely damaged by the snow ...
I think there will be no any problem ...

And the song that fills me with energy these days ...
Jasmine Thompson 's voice and Robin Schulz music ...
Sun Goes Down ...
a sunset shared with friends ...
a perfect moment!

Have a nice weekend and happy crocheting,
my friends! Thanks for being here!

Kisses to you all!


  1. Wonderful job. The colors are nice for things going from winter into spring.

  2. I love the colors !!!!! Great work ! Have a lovely week end too !

  3. This is the prettiest cowl and mitten set and really suits you! Lovely pictures of your sweet little girl. So glad you are having such happy times. Enjoy the spring and your garden, and have a happy week!
    Helen xox

  4. I love your crochet! Please, could you explain how you made the cowl? Thank you

    1. Hola! un dia tengo que publicar un tutorial porque muchas me lo piden.... Si sabes un poco de ganchillo es muuuuuy fácil. Mira, empieza por una cadeneta de unos 114 puntos. Luego haz una hilera de puntos bajos. Luego une la cadeneta en redondo con un punto raso. Haz tres puntos altos en un punto bajo, salta dos, tres puntos altos, salta dos. Así hasta el final. Corta el hilo. Ya ienes la primera hilera. Cambia de color. Luego tres puntos altos en cada espacio. Así hasta el final. Corta el hilo. Cambia de color. Otra vuelta. Yo he hecho 28 hileras. Y luego la 29 toda con punto bajo. No sé si me he explicado bién.... qualquier duda, contacta conmigo!
      Muchas gracias por tu visita! Te deseo buen fin de semana!

    2. Perfecto!!! Entiendo que siempre son tres puntos bajos en el espacio y luego dos cadenas. Y a la vuelta siguiente en los espacios tres puntos altos y luego dos cadenas, es así?
      Lo voy a probar porque estuve haciendo muchos cuellos calados pero el tuyo me encantó.
      Gracias por pasar por mi blog. Ya te contaré cuando lo haga!

    3. No, no! son grupos de 3 puntos altos, sin nada de cadenetas por medio. Tres puntos altos en cada espacio, tres puntos altos en cada espacio, así hasta terminar la vuelta.

  5. I am a sucker for anything of the granny square pattern. This set is beautiful!
    I would love if you shared at our Yarn Fanatic Link Party -


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