Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baskets with t-shirt yarn and Carlos Sadness - No Vuelvas a Japon

Long time ago that I did not work with t-shirt yarn.
Do not could remember the fun that causes me
work with this material when I see as projects grow.
Today I will show you a couple of baskets
that I made for a good friend ...

The t-shirt yarn is ideal for to make baskets.
And I think  the grey and pink  look very well .
For these projects I worked with a 9 mm crochet hook. 

The grey basket has a chain for to hang. Very useful, right?
In the pink basket I made many crochet rounds
for to make it very high and then folded to give more rigidity.

 Make your own baskets of t-shirt yarn! they are ideal
for keeping tidy our craft rooms!

March is a hard month in the job ...
and I have not done much crocheting ...
I hope this week I'll make many hours of crochet ...

And my little one is still hardworking as always ...
Make necklaces, painting, puzzles ...
she must always be well busy!
And long as we can not go play in the park
we always work at home ....

She loves to paint, do puzzles and do things beside me ...
And I love the portrait that she has painted today ...
If you look on the couch you can see my blanket
of crochet circles ... I hope I finish very soon ...


And this song No vuelvas a Japon, of Carlos Sadness
The best thing about this song is who sings Santi Balmes
of Love of Lesbian ... To listen for hours ....

Spring began with rainy days ....
I want one day with shine to make a good photo session
with blanket of crochet circles ...
very soon I show you here!

A big hug dear readers.
I wish you have a nice day
and happy crocheting.

Thanks for visiting my world of wool
and many thanks for your kind comments.
Thaaaanks ...

P.D.: My condolences to the families of air accident ...
life is so hard sometimes ... I'm so sorry ...


  1. Cristina, what a wonderful blog you have with so many brightly colored projects to show us. I love the cowls and mittens you have made this winter. Also I am a bit jealous of your gorgeous wool order you got. May you have many hours of pleasure with all that glorious yarn.

    Hugs to your darling daughter, may Spring bring us one step closer to Peace.

  2. What a lovely basket! I like work with T-shirt yarn and I realize a basket too , but mine seems 'rough' :( http://tamapollo.blogspot.it/search/label/recycle Maybe I cut the t-shirt not so well?

  3. Hola!

    Que maques les cistelles! M'encanta la combinació de gris i rosa. Uf, ara m'ha agafat mono de trapillo, però tinc moltes coses a mitges i no m'hi puc posar...

    Un petonet per a les dues! :)

    1. Bon dia, Alba! no he pogut deixar-te comentari al teu blog...
      Diu que comentaris restringits????
      Bona idea reciclar arracada!!! i aquesta és preciosa!
      M'encanta el detall del washi tape!!!! sempre he pensat que vull fer-ho
      però no he trobat el moment. É una aplicació, oi????

  4. Ai cris quina Il·lusió que m'ha fet veure els estoigs ... M'encanten les teves cistelles,son ideals!!!!! Els colors m'agraden moltíssim !!! Muaaaaaaaaaaa guapa ;)

  5. Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
    Visite meu blog - Tita Carré - Crochet

  6. I love your crochet baskets, they look really beautiful and textural! Your little girl is so cute...and such a talented little artist already, how nice that she has lots of bright and cheerful craft materials to be creative with too.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  7. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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