Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi!!!

My little one is excited by the arrival of Diada de Sant Jordi (here)
Today before going to school we stopped at the florist
for to give a rose to my lovely daughter
and also to buy a rose for his teacher.
Carlota felt great joy at the entrance of the school
with a rose in hand to give to his beloved teacher!

And I'm happy and excited to be one of the winners
of the Giveaway of Helen ...

Helen has a lovely blog, you can see here.
Thank you Helen! everything is wonderful!!!

The birds are sooooooo beautiful ... love it!
and the painted eggs are so sweet ...
and the skein of yarn is perfect!
at this moment I'm working with this yarn ...

These days I'm working with a shawl I started doing
in October and I hope I can show you very soon ...

Thank you for your kind comments, dear readers!

I wish you very good Saint George's Day!

Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi!!!

A big hug and thank you for visiting me in
my world of wool!

See you soon ...


  1. Oh lucky you are ... these gifts are beautiful indeed ! Maybe you'll be lucky again at my giveaway ... see you later !

  2. Quina sort haver guanyat aquest premi tan maco, i com sempre has sabut triar uns colors ben bonics per al xal.
    Feliç dia de Sant Jordi!!! :)

  3. Lovely coloured yarn. I am also working on a granny square blanket at the moment.
    I have put some posts on my blog.
    Best wishes

  4. The shawl colors sing to me of springtime weather and beauty blooming. Giving flowers to the teacher is one of life's most pleasant memories. We passed by lots of gardens as we walked to school in our youth and grabbing a bloom or two was always a fun time. Teachers love gifts from their students, keep the good works going, Cristina, your daughter will become a sweet loving adult with your good examples.


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