Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a lot of t-shirts with applique

And more and more t-shirts ...
these four t-shirts for Carlota. She chose the animals.
This time I have not sewn by hand and It is the first time
that I had sewed appliques with sewing machine.
I use zigzag stitch.

In curves I have some difficulty for sewing ...
I still have to practice a lot this technique!
However, Carlota loves these t-shirts
and I think that is good.

Also I sewed a aplique for me.
This time I have sewed with a straight line stitch,
to half centimeter of the edge.

And the postman takes me two packages Monday morning!
My own gift birthday! Yeeeeesssssssss!!!!!

I waited for many days it and I thought
that maybe it has lost along the way ...
Although I have not had time to make crochet
But I think that with this wonderful set
soon I come back to make crochet! it is amazing!
I loooooooooooooove it!

And the postman also led me another gift ...
all stitched for a friend ... is so beautiful ...
I do not have any like this! and crochet bunny has me in love ...
so simple and beautiful at the same time ...
thanks my lovely friend ...
thaaaanks ...

Thanks for your visit, my lovely readers.
And for to leave some of your time here,
in my world of wool.
I'm always glad to read your words
and you makes me always happy.

I wish you have a day full of crochet
and full of nice things!


  1. love your t-shirt with the star!!!
    buon compleanno, xxxxx Ale

  2. Such cute applique! Aren't little girls just thrilled with the stuff we make for them? Carlota will get so much fun from those four shirts. LOVE the new hooks. I just got two new sets too. One bamboo that I just adore the way it feels in my hand.

    May your summer be as cheerful as your blog always is.

  3. Such adorable appliqué creatures, they look wonderful on the t shirts!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  4. So sweet! Very pretty t-shirts. Super that you could do this with the sewing-machine, applause! Beautiful crochet hooks and such a sweet gift, enjoy :-). Sunny greetings, Nata

  5. Que contenta deu estar la Carlota amb les seves samarretes d'animalets, i m'agrada molt la teva de l'estrella! Els ganxets xulíssims, i el moneder també, quina il·lusió quan el carter et porta cosetes :) I per cert, ja veig que vaig tard per a felicitar-te pel teu aniversari però, de totes maneres, felicitats!

  6. beautiful blog! You are all set with those hooks... :)


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