Tuesday, June 16, 2015

skirts for summer

And one bad day my computer says enough ...
And here ended his life. A disaster, a catastrophe for me ...
My main concern was the photos
that I had not copied to an external hard drive ...
luckily the guys in the shop computer can save all my photos ...

So between my crochet crisis, the computer problems,
and many other problems for many days I have a poor concentration
and little creativity ...

Well , today I am here, with a new personal computer.
Sorry for the quality of the photos,
I'm still doing tests of quality images  and all this that entails
work with a new computer. Patience ...

Luckily there is always an angel makes me smile
when it seems that everything be way upside down ...
look at that happy with their skirts!
 For many days Carlota wanted that I sew a skirt.

And behold, two skirts with fun fabrics, 100% soft cotton.
Perfect for summer days!
I made these two skirts following the same tutorial
that I used to make the other two skirts (here)
A pattern easy for a beginner like me.

And the school year will finish on next Friday!
and she becoming a great talkative little woman ...
She wants to be great:
she wants to drive the car of his mother,
 cook in the kitchen of his mother,
 sew skirts with mother's machine,
all my clothes ... all my things ...
And I always tell her that,
when his hand will be greater than mine,
she can do all this ...

And at every meal, at lunch, at dinner, on the dinning table,
she always want to measure his hand with my hand.
And she says to me:
Look, mama! my hand is almost as big as yours!
His innocence is sweet and captivating ...

Well, my dear readers, thanks for wait ...
thanks for reading my stories ...
thanks for your sweet  comments ...
thanks for being here, in my world of wool ...

I wish you have a nice day and happy, happy,
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy week ...

kisses to you all ...


  1. Lamento lo de tu computadora :-( pero felizmente ya lo resolviste. Lindas fotos de tu hija ♥

  2. Che stress i problemi al pc , ma sono cose che capitano ! Le gonnelline per la tua bimba sono bellissime e anche il suo splendido sorriso , anche io sono stata un po distratta ultimamente , sarà la bella stagione , vedremo di rifarci più avanti ; )

  3. Sorry you have had computer stress to deal with, and glad all is ok now! The little skirts are gorgeous and your daughter is adorable! Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  4. Your world of wool is one of my favorite places to be: calm, colorful, children, yarn, toys, gorgeous pictures, tutorials... who would want to be anywhere else ?~!


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