Saturday, July 25, 2015

in memoriam of my dad

My dad was a farmer and rancher.
And his happiness from an early age was a flock of sheep.
He was a good shepherd, the best.
A man worker, honest, humble, generous
educated, he was a man who loved go unnoticed ...
her home always was open to everyone
and he was happy with very little.
And if he could give good advice he always gave it to everyone.

He died on July 18, with 75 years old victim of cancer.
Special thanks to the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
where he was treated for the disease for more than 10 years.
Thanks to all the staff, doctors, nurses,
administrative, researchers
and all who accompanied him during all these years.

I also thank the doctors and nurses
Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida
that attended during his last days.
Thank you all for your great professionalism
and delicacy in difficult times ...
thank you ... thank you ... thank you ...

El meu pare era agricultor i ramader.
I la seva felicitat des de ben petit va ser un ramat d'ovelles.
Ell era molt bon pastor, el millor.
Una persona treballadora, honrada, humil, generosa,
educada, de fer poc soroll i passar desapercebut ...
la seva casa sempre oberta a tothom
i ell era feliç amb molt poca cosa.
I si et podia donar un bon consell sempre te'l donava.

Va morir el dissabte 18 de juliol als 75 anys d'edat,
víctima de càncer. Des d'aquí vull fer un
agraïment a l' Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
on el meu pare va ser tractat de la malatia
durant més de 10 anys. Gràcies a tot el personal,
metges, infermeres, administratives, celadors, investigadors
i tots els que el van acompanyar durant aquests anys.

I també agraïment als metges i infermeres de
l' Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida
que el van atendre durant els seus darrers dies.
Gràcies a tots per la vostra gran professionalitat
i gran delicadesa en moments tant difícils ...
gràcies ... gràcies ... gràcies ...

Joan 10:14-16
14 »Jo sóc el bon pastor: conec les meves ovelles, i elles em coneixen a mi, 15 tal com el Pare em coneix, i jo conec el Pare. A més, jo dono la vida per les ovelles. 16 Encara tinc altres ovelles que no són d'aquest ramat, i també les he de guiar. Elles escoltaran la meva veu, i hi haurà un sol ramat i un sol pastor.


  1. (((Cristina))) - Condolences. It's 13 yrs and a week since my father died. It is a huge loss.

  2. Gecondoleerd met het verlies van uw vader.
    Veel sterkte in deze zware periode.


  3. Dear Cristina - my condolences to you and your family. I am very sorry about the passing of your father. I send many (((hugs))) to you. ♥

  4. Oh sweet Cristina, may the love and support of those around you hold you up during this unexpected time of sorrow. Later the memories of your amazing dad will make you smile; for now, grieve his passing and share with us the memories of when he was alive. Losing our parents is so incredibly hard; know we are here for you however you need us.

  5. Em sap molt de greu, Cristina
    Una abraçada

  6. What a lovely post in memory of your father. Sorry to hear of your loss and my thoughts are with you. Take care, Sam x

  7. Bellos pensamientos en honor a tu padre. Lamento mucho su partida. Que Dios te de gracia para estos momentos difíciles.
    Ana BC

  8. Guapa! un petó molt i molt gran! ànims! auqí tens una amiga per el que necessitis! muuuuuuaaaaaaa

  9. Cristina ho sento molt. ànims i molts força!!!!


  10. Lo siento mucho Cristina. Mucho ánimo y un abrazo bien fuerte! ♥

  11. Honey, I am holding you close and hugging as tightly as I can you and Carlota. Sending love across the oceans, mountains and rivers to keep you and Carlota close.


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