Sunday, September 20, 2015

crochet cowls and mittens

Cowls and crochet mittens
are a perfect gift in the cold months.
Today I will present you two sets,
hope you like it!

A crocheted set with warm colors
and with a button for decorate...

And a crocheted set with warm and cool colors,
mixed with black, for a more casual look ...

You can see that today I take many photos of me ...
That is because, in next month, a dentist will fill my teeth
with brackets and I do not know if I'll have a big smile
for the next two years ... hahahaha!!!

Well my readers, which of these two models you prefer ...?
I do not know which one to choose!

In the mittens to warm color you can see
that I have also added the detail of buttons.
I like decorate with buttons ...

Last winter I made many sets of cowls and crochet mittens.
I think this year I will make more crochet sets ... 
They are beautiful, useful and a perfect gift
for friends and family. Do not you think?

For to make these cowls and crochet mittens
I've worked with 4mm crochet hook
and yarn  Stylecraft DK Special.

Well  dear friends, thanks for visiting me.
Thanks for take a moment of your day and for coming here,
in my world of wool.

You makes me sooo happy with your visit
and your kind comments ...
Hope you have a nice day!

see you soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

crochet doily in progress

Hello my friends. How are with your crafts?
I am immersed in create a crochet doily
for the kitchen table with much color
for to combine well with the dining table.
You remember the doily I did for the dining table?
you can see here

And the set of crochet hooks that I bought months ago I love it...
here I have tested 4 mm crochet hook,
that you can see in the picture, and it work very well.

And Carlota she wants to learning crochet
but it is a difficult technique for a girl 4 years ...
for now she is learning to sew. And she loves!
She enjoys so much doing this craft ...

My dear readers, thanks for stopping here.
I wish you have a good day
and that you enjoys with your stuff.
Many thanks for visiting my world of wool

see you soon ...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sweet way for to going Independence

Aquí teniu una recepta molt fàcil i ràpida
per si a l'hora del berenar els vostres fills us demanen
fer un pastís immediatament i tot cridant
que tenen moooolta gana ...
quan no hi ha espera ...
el microones és una bona solució!

brownie al microones

- 1 ou
- 4 cullerades de llet
- 3 cullerades d'oli de girasol
- 3 cullerades de sucre
- 3 cullerades de farina
- 3 cullerades de cacao amb pols
- un pessic de sal
- 1 culleradeta de llevadura

- Posar tots els ingredients dins d'una tassa gran
- barrejar-ho tot amb una forquilla
- posar 3 minuts al microones a màxima potència
- esperar que es refredi uns 3 minuts més i ... desmotllar!

The Catalans that we want
the way to the independence
will to be so sweet like this cake ...
We are a people we want the world to hear us.
We want an independent state.
We claim the way peaceful.
No war. Yes tolerance.
Yes to the right to decide. 

 Freedom for Catalonia. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

crochet shawl or scarf?

I started this crochet shawl in October of last year,
almost a year later, I finish ...

I think I will use often this crochet shawl as scarf.
I had seen some Pinterest and I REALLY wanted to make
one for me ...  and ... yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss ...

In this crochet project I worked with 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS, 100% cotton.
I love the color palette of the series DROPS ...

Here I dressed in white,
but I have many black t-shirts for this September.
This crochet shawl will add color and combine perfectly
with my new green coat ...

For the photo session helped me a friend,
even though we did not notice that ribbon of dress ...
was unbuttoned ... very professional ... hahahaha!!!!

This is not the first time I use this pattern,
you can also see other crochet shawl  here

I have a brooch which is like a needle wooden
to hold the shawls or scarves.
But perhaps I could make a brooch crochet ...
maybe I will make one ...

Well, my dear friends ...
the rains have come and soon come autumn...
I loooooooooooove  September ...

I am immersed in some new crochet projects
and I think the next few months will be quite productive ...

I hope you enjoy your crafts and all things you loves ...

Thank you for visiting me in my world of wool

 see you soon ...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

t-shirt with applique and a crown for birthday party

Before anything I want to thank all your support
and all your messages following the death of my father ...
million of thanks dear readers and followers ...
I can only be grateful to all of you ...
thanks ... thanks ...

In August my little turned 4 years old.
And like when she was 3 years old,
I wanted to make him a t-shirt and a birthday crown.
With a basic white t-shirt I sewed a banner and a number 4.
I sewed applique with sewing machine.

And for to make birthday crown I used foamy.
Really striking! Carlota decided
that she wanted a golden crown.
And to combine with birthday t-shirt
I made the letters and number 4 with green color.
As with the t-shirt I used sewing machine.
It was the first time I worked with foamy and I liked it.
A material with a lot of possibilities for crafts!

I wanted that my father be present
in some way in birthday party ...
so I chose a sheeps who grazing above the crown ...
Carlota liked a lot this crown!
She put the crown in his head on noon
and she removes it just when she was going to sleep!

To celebrate my birthday Carlota helped me make the banners.
So this time she also wanted to make the banners.
Look my lovely assistant!

She cut some banners, made drawings, she wrote,
she put stamps ... she enjoyed so much with these
and other preparations for the birthday party ...

And ... here are our garlands!
I sewed with sewing machine, so simple and fast ...

And my little Carlota really happy ...

And a few days before the birthday party,
 in august, we went some days the beach Tossa de Mar ...

I could photographing a thousand things ....
take photos of many interesting and beautiful things ...

but ... you has never seen
something more beautiful than this ...?

See the sea and to have little pleasures like this ...
to feel the sand and the waves at my feet ...
All this reported some energy on my body
for to prepare for the birthday party ...

Carlota and her friends enjoyed the party ...
And despite this hard, hard, hard summer, life goes on ...
and she had to have her own birthday party ...
she wants always to do a big birthday party ...
and also she wants make his favorite cake:
cake three chocolates (recipe here)

Happy birthday, my love....
Always remembers ...
Whatever happens I will love you forever ...
looooooooooove yooooooou ...
forever ...