Wednesday, October 14, 2015

crochet hat with earmuffs

Already come cold days
and few days ago I made this crocheted hat for Carlota.
A crocheted hat cheerful, colorful and with earmuffs.
Although I think that this hat is a bit big for Carlota ...

For to make this crochet hat I've worked
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS
Again an explosion of colors with this fantastic
100 % cotton yarn. I love it!

If you want to do a hat like this you will find
a very well explained tutorial  here
 ( for the final edging and the earmuffs I made some variation,
but basically I followed the tutorial )

At my daughter and I
we love looking at the sky and see the clouds ...
The autumn days are ideal to see the clouds ...

We love the autumn days!

My dear readers and followers,
thanks for visiting my world of wool

and thanks for spend a little of your time here ...

thanks for your kind comments ...

you makes me soooo haaaaaappy!

see you soon!


  1. Oh I think it will keep your little one's head so warm this winter.
    xx Beca

  2. De veritat, tens un gust exel·lent a l'hora de combinar els colors! Aquest gorret és preciós, la Carlota déu ser l'enveja de totes les seves amiguetes, hehe!
    Un petonet :)

  3. Quina monada nena!!! Així el caperró estarà ben calentonet!! Molts petons

  4. beautiful hat and skies!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  5. La gorra está PRECIOSA!!! :-)

  6. I love your hat! I've featured it at my Link Your Stuff link party. I hope you have a lovely day!
    Best wishes, Annemarie


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