Wednesday, October 7, 2015

crocheted mandala

Since a long time I wanted to make a doily for the kitchen table.
I wanted to do it with the same colors as the doily of the dining table.
And today I present you my new crochet doily.

I'm working with 4mm crochet hook and DROPS PARIS yarn.
I love all the colors of these DROPS!!!!

The crocheted mandala measures 42 centimeters in diameter.
The first three rounds are the same color
and after comes the explosion of color ...

A total of 17 rounds with a edging with waves of blue ... 

Now that I've got a crochet doily for the dining table,
a crochet doily on the kitchen table ... now I need a crochet doily
for the bar of kitchen ... the kitchen marble is black
and I hate a lot .... I think it is time to give it a touch of color!

With this post today
I want to pay tribute to an exceptional being ...
I have read his blog for a long time ...
she is one of the people who inspired me
to make crochet with all his wonderful works ...
for me, the best way to make a tribute
is with this crochet mandala ...

My dear Wink ...
thanks for all the good times you gave me ... 
thanks for sharing your creativity with us .... 

I encourage you to know his work


  1. Hi Cristna, I just love your doily. Nice colours!

  2. It's beautiful Cristina - all the colors are just lovely together. Have a great day. :)

  3. Hola Cristina, ja veig que has estat molt productiva! A veure si em poso al dia i vaig acabant tot el que tinc pendent!
    Un petó per tu i la Carlota!

  4. Gorgeous mandala, Cristina. You choose the loveliest colours and your crochet is so neat.
    So very sad about Wink.
    Helen xox


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