Monday, October 26, 2015

tutorial how to make a beanie with pom pom

In addition to discovering a new stitch crochet
I have also discovered a good way to make hats.
In a few days I have made three beanies!
Today I show you the first that I did.
It is a bit high but with one double round
in the edging is perfect!

I have worked with two skeins of Stylecraft Special DK
 (for to make more bigger the yarn )
and I worked too with 6mm crochet hook.

To make this crochet hat
I follow a great video that you can see here
even then I've done different size.

Tutorial how to make a beanie
( US crochet terms )
Start: chain 45
5hdc, 35 dc, 5 sc
40 rows follow explanations of the video.

Fold  in half.
Sew the ends and go to the top.
Make some stitches around the top
and then pull the thread and fasten off.
You can decorate with a pom pom!

Tutorial com fer un gorro de ganxet
Inici: 45 cadenetes
5 punt mig alt, 35 punt alt , 5 punt baix
40 files seguint explicacions del video

Doblegar per la meitat.
Cosir els extrems llargs fins arribar a la part alta.
Donar uns punts a tot el voltant de la part alta,
llavors estirem el fil, tanquem i rematem.
Pots decorar-ho amb un pom pom!

Tutorial cómo hacer un gorro de ganchillo
Inicio: 45 cadenetas
5 punto medio alto, 35 punto alto, 5 punto bajo
40 vueltas siguiendo explicaciones del video

Doblar por la mitad.
Coser los extremos largos hasta llegar a la parte alta.
Dar unos puntos alrededor de la parte alta,
entonces tiramos el hilo, cerramos y rematamos.
Puedes decorarlo con un pom pom!

The purchase of tools to make pom poms
is a success! I think that this winter all the hats
will be decorated with pom poms!

I acknowledge that these two last weeks
I have not stopped making cowls and hats.
Some by me, some by Carlota, some others for give ...
with the arrival of the first cold days
I have crochet fever!

( You can see these crochet cowls here in my last post )

I like to crochet pieces like these
because I can then wear in fall or winter days.
Yesterday I dressed with the blue cowl
and today with the brown.
The gray hat is a gift to a friend,
although I also want one for me! hahahahaha!

See you soon dear friends!
I hope that you're as inspired as I am these days!

Have a happy day and happy crocheting!
Many thanks for being here
in my world of wool!


  1. It's a great time to make cowls and hats. The cold weather is settling in and I'm getting crochet fever too.
    xx Beca

  2. I really love pompoms on hats!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. I like your new hat Cristina - it's very nice. I like the extra touch of the pompom. :)

  4. Quina monada cristina!!!! M'encanta!!! Que guapa estàs! :)
    Sembla ben bé que sigui teixit amb agulles i no en ganxet!!! super!!! Petonets!!!

  5. GUUUUUAAAAPa! T'ha quedat genial! Sembla fet a mitja! ets una artista! un petó gran gran

  6. Super in love amb aquest pompom hat guapa!!!
    Molts petonets

  7. Thanks for the link of this tuto ! Very interesting !! yours are so pretty !! Have a creative day !


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