Tuesday, November 3, 2015

a new crocheted hat

This winter I think I will not do any blanket ...
Because all my time for to make crochet
I decide to make crochet accesories.
Crocheted hats, cowls, crochet scarfs ...
Today I will show a new crocheted hat ...

This crocheted hat, of course,
comes on with a  pom-pom :)

For to make this crocheted hat
I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and yarn Deramores Studio Anti-pilling Chunky.
I love working with 6mm crochet hook,
fast and pleasant for crocheting.

This crocheted hat and the gray hat
( that I show you in this other post here )
both are for a friend, whom she loves coffee.
I think that she will have a confortable winter!

And as you may have noticed already,
this year I used these two ways for to make crocheted hats.
Perhaps if I can in the next post I will explain the tutorial
that I have created for to make the blue hat.
It's mine own creation and I'm happy to share with you.
Wow! I think that this autumn
I'm learning many crochet things ...

My dear friends,
I think that november will be
a great month to crochet work !!!

see you soon!


  1. Guuuuuaaaaaappppa!!! Quins gorros tant preciosos! ets una artista! m'encanten els colors! un petó gran gran! M

  2. charming :)
    hmmm .... maybe I will do a crochet hat for myself ....
    thanks for inspiration :)

  3. Muchas gracias esperó tu tutoriales ,besitos

  4. beautiful!!!!! waiting for the pattern!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. Mi piacciono un sacco i tuoi cappelli e tutto sommato anche io ho pochissimo tempo da dedicare all' uncinetto , questo mi rende triste : ( Gli accessori possono andare , utili e veloci e magari si comincia anche con i regali di Natale ! Ti auguro una bella giornata !
    PS. sei bellissima !!!!

  6. M'agraden molt aquest estil de gorros :)

  7. Wonderful hats, you friend will be thrilled! You are a very clever crocheter, Cristina!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  8. Que bonics que són! Jo tinc pendent provar de fer algun gorro, però aquí a Tortosa no arriba a fer tan de fred com per portar-ne, i la veritat, em fa una mica de vergonya dur barrets, tot i que a poc a poc m'estic acostumant... :)


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