Saturday, December 26, 2015

crochet decorations for the Christmas tree

I love Christmas decorations and all this type of crafts,
but as you seen lately I am making crochet scarves
and cowls and this year I not makes any Christmas crafts ... 

But I felt that I wanted to make a Christmas decoration
and in the last minute I make a couple of things.
I asked Carlota what sort of crafts want for our Christmas tree.
And she said to me: "Mama! I want you do
more houses of crochet!"

And here the new houses for our Christmas tree.
They are made with 3mm crochet hook
and yarn Natura Just Cotton of DMC.
A long time ago I not worked with this wool
and I want to tell that has been a great pleasure
for my fingers ... is sooooo sweet ...

And here I show you more cowls and fingerless gloves.
To make these fingerless gloves I used the same stitch
that to make the cowls. I make so many gifts for this Christmas ...
And I love ...

I hope that your Christmas holidays are going very well
and you are enjoying your things, your family and your friends ...
have a nice day my dears readers ...

See you soon....


  1. What a beautiful house you made. In several bright colors ... a real eye catcher for the tree. Super idea !!!
    The Cowls and fingerless gloves are super fun!
    Wishing you happy holidays, sweet greetings, Tinne

  2. These tiny houses are so sweet, Cristina.

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