Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the history of the panda bear hat

In my days of fever crocheted hats
I also make these hats with a white wool and pom pom.
Here I worked with 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins of Stylecraft Special DK...

The orange and yellow hats were for a gift.
And when Carlota see finishes these crocheted hats she tells me
" Mama! I want one for me, white and with a black pom pom!" 
So ... of course ... I made another hat to Carlota!
And I also make a crochet scarf for her ...

But ... when Carlota sees finished the white hat
with a black pom pom she told me:
"Mama! Mama! I want a hat like a panda bear!"

She has a sweater with  a  panda bear face
and very soon she was related this hat with a panda bear ...
It's amazing how she is so clever ... amazing ...
So ... of course ... the mom makes for her the panda bear hat!

I enjoy to see Carlota so happy...
and she wears this hat many days ago!
and me... when she comes out of school
I can not help but smile to see a panda bear so happy!
I love you so much Carlota ...


  1. that panda is so sweet!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Oh she is so lovely, Cristina, and such bright and beautiful colors she is wearing in the pictures.

    Pandas are the cutest animals ever, aren't' they ?~!

  3. terrible!!!! seguro que està para comérsela con el gorro panda :)

  4. Ostres! Quina cucada de Panda!!!


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