Tuesday, January 26, 2016

blanket-apron and Alan Walker - Faded

Today I will show a new crochet scarf. It is another gift.
I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn Stylecraft Special DK .
I have worked with two skeins simultaneously.
But what I like most here is the photo shoot
that did my official reporter ...


Many thanks my loved  Photographer Carlota!
Mom loves you so much ... !!!!!

And after showing so many scarves and hats
in this autum and winter, finally, today something different! 
I'm happy to present my first apron-blanket! ta-daaaah!

I invent this word to describe it but I do not know
if really exist a word  like this apron-blanket.

My lovely reporter makes too my portraits
with this apron-blanket. And I'm so happy because
this sweet girl makes me beautiful photo shoots ...

Here all the fabric is machine-stitched and the pocket
is sewed handmade over the apron's crochet squares.

And today I discovered a song that I love it!
It is already on my Spotify list!
 I hope you enjoy with Alan Walker and Faded

Thanks for your visit,
thanks for dedicating a little of your valued time for me ...

See you soon here, in
my world of wool!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

more crochet hats and Exsonvaldes - L'Aérotrain

For some time now yet I have post a tutorial
how to make these hats, but I have not found the time to do it ... 
sorry! Colds and thousands stories these days ...
although I have decided that I will be very active this year 2016
and I think that very soon I can publish more things here ... 

These hats are published when two of them
already were dressed by me in a very cold days.
The white and turquoise hat are for me and the green hat
is already been given for Christmas for a lovely friend.
I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and yarn Deramores Studio anti-pilling chunky.

And for Christmas I also give this set,
similar to others I've done this fall.
And all the people who have received these gifts
on Christmas are very happy... !
I love make gifts for my friends!

And for start this year a song that,
despite having melancholy air,
I think also at least to me, fills me with pure energy ...
and I can not stop to listen once behind the other ...
of course ... like all the songs that I love ...
and here, I love music, the  lyrics, the video ...
Hope you enjoy with Exsonvaldes
Sublime ...

Thanks for your lovely comments,
thanks for taking a bit of your time
to write something here in this little corner of
my world of wool ...

Hope you have a very, very nice day ...
a nice week ...  a nice year ... a nice life ...
enjoy the little things and as you know,
the life is better with lovely songs ...
see you soon! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 crocheted collection

The year we left behind was hard for me
and for a while I stopped make crocheting.
But now, while I was doing this collection
I realize that I worked more than I thought!
Here are my works 2015 ...

Now, that I have a bit time for me for watching a good movie I'll make something crochet ... a good way to start the new year, do not you think? Although everyday  I keep seeing many blogs that leaving this place for to dedicate only Instagram I hope I can to stay here another year ...

 This blog is the place to put my ideas crafts in order. And a little diary to remember how I made my crochet works. With more or less readers, I will continue here for those who want to accompany me. And I will showing my works and I hope you enjoy with my stuff ...

 I wish you have a very productive year
and that every day you do something nice ...

And also I start the new year with discovering new bands.
Today my surprise is Lera Lynn.
I do not follow the series "True Detective"
but this song has captivated me! Thanks Julia!
If you want to see a great music blog click here.
Enjoy with Lera Lynn

Thanks for being here in
my world of wool!

Thanks for joining me!

A big hug to all of you!

and hope you have a Happy 2016!