Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 crocheted collection

The year we left behind was hard for me
and for a while I stopped make crocheting.
But now, while I was doing this collection
I realize that I worked more than I thought!
Here are my works 2015 ...

Now, that I have a bit time for me for watching a good movie I'll make something crochet ... a good way to start the new year, do not you think? Although everyday  I keep seeing many blogs that leaving this place for to dedicate only Instagram I hope I can to stay here another year ...

 This blog is the place to put my ideas crafts in order. And a little diary to remember how I made my crochet works. With more or less readers, I will continue here for those who want to accompany me. And I will showing my works and I hope you enjoy with my stuff ...

 I wish you have a very productive year
and that every day you do something nice ...

And also I start the new year with discovering new bands.
Today my surprise is Lera Lynn.
I do not follow the series "True Detective"
but this song has captivated me! Thanks Julia!
If you want to see a great music blog click here.
Enjoy with Lera Lynn

Thanks for being here in
my world of wool!

Thanks for joining me!

A big hug to all of you!

and hope you have a Happy 2016!


  1. Hi Cristina, you've made lots of beautiful projects and I love following your blog. Happy New Year to you! ♡

  2. qué chula la canciôn, no conocîa... pero creo que de aquî voy a youtube a oîr màs!
    feliz anyo nuevo, espero que sea tan fructîfero como 2015.

  3. Hi Cristina, Happy New Year.
    You have been very busy in 2015 and all your items are gorgeous. I love your blog header with the colourful hats. Last year I could not be very active in my blogging but I hope this year I can share lots and lots of crochet on my blog.
    Hope you have a wonderful year full of health, happiness and tons of crafting. :) Love and hugs

  4. Déu n'hi do, Cristina, has fet un munt de coses tot i la parada! Ja m'agradaria a mi ser la meitat de productiva que tu :)
    Espero que ens continuem llegint aquest 2016!

  5. Tots els projectes així junts en collage es veuen guapíssims! I quina feinada has fet aquest 2015! Ara a per un 2016 ple d'èxit i abraçades! Un petó :*

  6. Happy New Year ! And stay creative !!! your makes are so gorgeous and beautiful !!!

  7. You have been busy, Cristina. And what a lovely collection of makes. Happy 2016.

  8. que linda colección de 2015...y ahora con la emoción de iniciar un nuevo año. ¡Feliz 2016! ♥ Ana BC


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