Saturday, February 13, 2016

a crochet dinosaur hat

A classmate of Carlota going angry one day at school
because her mother not can made two ridges in her hair
like a dinosaur ... This year his class
is the class of dinosaurus and all weeks
they worked this theme some time.
So much so that this little boy want that her mother
makes one impossible thing, as he has short hair and
her mother could not make  two crests ...
So I offered for to make a hat with two ridges ...

To make this crochet dinosaur hat 
I've worked with 6mm crochet hook, with two skeins of
Stylecraft Special DK, of way simultaneously as I have been making
lately with crochet cowls. For colorfull ridges
I've worked with 3mm crochet hook and then
I filled these crests and I sewed one by one in the hat.

Is not that fun? Carlota did not like it, I think
it was scary! hahahaha! but classmate of Carlota
loves this hat and wear it every day!

And after a while without making any crochet blanket
now I'm immersed in one. It is a granny striped blanket
and will be a gift for a friend ...

And I have news for you! Finally I decided and now
you can find me too on Instagram
This weekend I'm testing ...
sorry if you go there and there is some mistake!

I love yours sweet comments
and you make me always so happy ...
I wish you have a happy weekend
and a happy crocheting!

Thanks for walking here in
my world of wool...

see you soon ...


  1. Quina passada de barret Cris!!!! És súper xulo i em sembla molt complicat... Els colors em xiflen :) i m'encanta que siguis per l'IG ;) una súper abraçada Cris!

  2. Your kindness is so wonderful. I bet the little boy is thrilled beyond belief.

  3. How sweet of you, Cristina, and a super cool dinosaur hat!

  4. Great hat,I like it very much;)


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