Thursday, March 31, 2016

crocheted legwarmers for #canvidemans

Some time ago Alícia from blog enganxetada ( here )
she has proposed an interchange open to all those
wishing to participate ( #canvidemans )

And I want participate in this #canvidemans.
After knowing the person I will make the exchange,
I decided to make a pair of crochet legwarmers for she ...

But then of do the legwarmers for #canvidemans,
I did some more. It's a easy and useful crochet work
and perfect for give your friends, children, family ...

To do those crochet legwarmers I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins simultaneously of yarn Stylecraft Special DK.

Although the day that I do the photo shoot came the sun
and was a beautiful day and exceeded 25ºC
Spring is here! These crochet legwarmers will be
for the next winter sure! hahahahaha!

And now this gift is in the post office!
Very soon will arrive in home of some sweet girl ...

I hope that this girl love these crochet legwarmers.
Thanks Alícia for propose this #canvidemans

During Easter holidays Carlota enjoyed painting.
She loves to paint and draw and sometimes
I have to say "enough you can not paint more"...

But she wants to be a big girl and says "Mama! I can not stop
paint because I have to do school works as the big girls!!!"
This is my love, my little Carlota ...

And she looooves Easter eggs !
Carlota hopes that someday she will see
purple and pink bunnies ...

The school has started again and has come spring ...
I have a wool blanket to show but it's hard to see
crochet blankets in spring, right ...?

Sometimes I think that there is no longer anyone here
and everyone is on Instagram ...
It's for this that I value more that you come to visit me
and you leaves me comments here in
my world of wool ...
Many thanks my dear readers and followers ...
Thanks for your kind comments ...
you make always so happy ...

Have a nice day!

see you soon!


  1. Jo si que miro el blog!!!! A més m'agrada tot el que fas.
    Si són per mi, és un encert assegurat, ja que sempre tinc les mans gelades!!!!

    Una abraçada

  2. Qui serà la "suertuda" de rebre això tan bonic que has fet???? Jo espero acabar ben aviat el meu i enviar-ho..... Tinc unes ganes de veure que li semblarà.... Aquesta Alicia ens ha ben enredat amb un projecte super xulo!!!!!

  3. No Instagram for me Cristina, I love your blog and all the interesting things you make and show us and the pictures of Carlota are just as sweet and wonderful to look at and enjoy watching her grow. "Like the big girls" I love it ~!! They all want to be like the Big Girls, don't they ?~!

    Much love, Lynda

  4. I like the leg warmers. Great colors and you wrapped them so prettily.

  5. Hola Cristina! Porto molts dies desconnectada però m'acabo de posar al dia llegint totes les entrades que encara no havia vist, i m'ha agradat tot, la manta, els gorros, els calentadors... i la Carlota està maquíssima! Els tags de fusta són moníssims i super professionals, m'encanten. Felicitats pel teu aniversari, encara que vagi tard. Jo no sé si tornaré a escriure més al meu blog, però igualment continuo visitant els blogs que m'agraden. Ah! I ara que he vist que tens instagram, et buscaré allà. Un petó!


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