Tuesday, March 8, 2016

granny's stripe blanket and Supersubmarina - Cancion De Guerra

What joy today! I can finally present my new
granny's stripe blanket!
Again I have enjoy this granny stitch,
 for many days I can not stop to make stripes .......
this is a work easy and very pretty ........

This blanket is ideal for the sofa, 80 cm x 100 cm.
It is made with 14 different colours of  Stylecraft Special DK 
and I worked with 4mm crochet hook.
100 lines, 50 stripes ... each two with same colour ....
the edging with waves, as you know I love waves for the edging!

The making of blankets crochet requires a long time,
but once the work is finished ... this is a great reward!
the crocheted blankets are sooooo beautiful !!!!
in every home there should be a handmade blanket woven! 

The doudou is a gift from a friend that did for Carlota.
My friend is a great dressmaker, this doudou is perfect!
like all works that she sews! Thanks my dear friend!

You can see that rabbit-owl ( says Carlota!)
is very happy and very warm in our home!

This blanket is inspired with blanket  Attic24 ( here )
 Here you can see my first granny stripe blanket,
along with another blanket I did ...

If you want to see the posts of these blankets

I enjoy so much with making blankets ...
and now I have another blanket close to completion!
This blanket that I show you today is a gift to one of my best friends.
She fell in love with my first stripe blanket
and I want give him one for her ......

The granny stripe blankets are very nice,
but I'm also in love with my blanket of circles!
And you,  how you prefer?

To edit this post I listen for many hours Supersubmarina.
They have such incredible songs ...  En mis venas,
Arena y salViento de cara, Canción de guerra ...
I hope you enjoy with this .....

Many thanks for your sweet comments ......
I know that time is a very valuable today ......
And really I want to thanks that someone taking a few moments
to leave comments here on the blog .......

always read all your comments ...



  1. M'encanta! I el mussol-conill (o conill-mussol?) també :). Ara, si alguna de les mantetes em guanya del tot, és la dels cercles! <3 Sempre n'he volgut una igual, però amb la meva impaciència per veure acabades aviat les coses que començo no m'hi he posat mai. Molt mal fet, jo! jeje ;)

  2. So pretty! I wish I could choose colors like that.

  3. I saw the pictures of this blanket on IG!!! ;oD
    Love it!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. The blanket is so bright and pretty! And I do like the way you styled the photos.

  5. Gorgeous granny stripes, Cristina! I always love working on a granny stripe blanket and you have picked such delicious colours for yours. Love the photos too :)
    Helen xox

  6. Your granny stripes look so fresh and lovely. I like your colour combination a lot. I also finished a granny stripe blanket a while ago, I really have to show it on my blog, as well. Your circles blanket is a beauty, too. I haven't used white in my blankets so far because I fear that they will get dirty so quickly but I admire them a lot. Viola

  7. It's such a pretty blanket. I love the bright, fun colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party


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