Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the flu

My life revolves entirely around my little girl ...

This March that today begins soon I will have the same age as she ... 
she, absolutely happy to have the same years that mom ...

she is 4 years old .... and soon 40 for me ...
exactly same age! hahahaha! sure ...!

She wants to be a big girl. She wants that him fall teeth.
She wants either the summer to be able to eat ice cream
and go to the pool. She wants to read books the mother
(and she read something ...!). She is paleontologist
and she find dinosaur fossils ...

See how she found
all these fossils in the park! My little love ...
when she tells everyone to sleep, all to bed! even the horse!

My crochet hours are stopped for days ... she had the flu
and she wanted me by her side 24 hours a day ... 
And at Sunday afternoon
when I thought I would have an hour for me
and I will can finish the blanket ... impossible ...

Because she loves my stuff, especially when I say "do not touch".
She says she tangled the skein because she knows how to disentangle ...
she wants to have a teeth of big girl to use an electric brush ...
My little love ... I would stop the time and live beside she for always ...
and she wants that time go faster because at summer she can eat ice cream ...

The days of high fever and sickness are hard, very hard ...
but I'd like to live forever for to care for she 
and if she wants me I will be by her side ... always ...
who knows, maybe we will spend many years together
because soon, as she say, we will have the same age!

Carlota, mom loves you so much ...


  1. Oath has the flu last week, and it was a very long week! He's four, also, and takes to sickness by being energy-less for some days and then sproinging back up with all the energy he didn't have plus the energy alloted for the day. Exhausting! I hope Carlota is feeling better, and that she didn't pass it on to you or your family!

  2. Cristina, first I hope Carlota is feeling better; it can be so very hard when the little one is ill. May her days become happier and less "want to be with you" every minute.

    I see you in the photo in the header !~! Your hair is pretty and I like your chambray shirt and casual stance. The blanket you are making is gorgeous - I love the many bright colors you have put together this time. What stitch are you using? I like the way it forms a closed fabric without holes for baby's toes and fingers to catch.

    Happy March-may Spring arrive soon with her warmth; I am eager for ice cream too.

    1. Hi, Lynda!
      You ask me in the stitch of my new blanket. Well, is similar of blanket Lucy! she is a great crocheter and one of my inspiration blogs! here the link!

      I show you this blanket finished in my next post!
      Thanks Lynda for you kind words!

  3. Dear Cristina,
    Your daughter is such a sweetheart! My son was down with flu for two weeks; it was such a nightmare!I hope all is better now . The little ones rush to grow up and time passes so quickly...
    Have a lovely week!

  4. I love your blog;))))))


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