Friday, March 18, 2016

wooden tags for my crochet hats, Giveaway and Love of Lesbian - Alli donde soliamos gritar

Today is the beginning of the school holidays
and on monday we will enjoy a few days on the sea ...
We do not will swim in the sea but perhaps we can walk
along the sand and look for many treasures ...
But now also is a great day! finally I have my new tags!
look how nice looks in my new crocheted hats!

With Instagram,
I discovered a place where to buy these beautiful wooden tags.
These so pretty tags are made in  All This Wood ( here )

I'm in love of my new wooden tags!
With these wooden tags I add the perfect touch
to my crochet works, right?

Now are days of rain and cold and I've entered a wild desire
to make crocheted hats and to add these wooden tags so pretty ...

In the next week will be my birthday, 40 years old ...
And for this reason and for soon will be spring
I will celebrate a Giveaway ....

I will give the black hat,
I think is an appropriate color for everyone, right?
At least for me ! I love it! To participate is easy,
just leave a comment here in this post.
You have until next Friday.
Good luck to all!

To edit this post I have been listening to Love of Lesbian
How much I like this band! I have already published
once song Club de fans de John Boy ( here ).
In two songs we can see the same young couple ...
I love them ... the videos and the songs!
hope you enjoy ...

Thanks for taking some of your time to walk through in
my world of wool

Thank you very much!!!!
see you soon !!!


  1. I love your hats and would love to be entered in your giveaway.


  2. Great:)))

  3. Quina preciositat!!!! Jo el vulll!!!!
    M'encanten les etiquetes que has fet!

  4. lovely hats with lovely tags!!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  5. Those tags just add that bit extra class!

  6. Moltes felicitats Cristina! Vaig darrera teu aquest any també faré els 40 ;p.
    M'encanten les coses que fas són maquíssimes i amb molt bon gust. M'apunto la botiga de les etiquetes de fusta, són un detall perfecte per les teves creacions

  7. Te han quedado superbonitos y las etiquetas de madera son una monada, me encantan! Disfruta de tus vacaciones ;)
    Un beso grande Cristina!

  8. These wooden tags are great and add a certain something to your pretty hats. Heading over to check the band!

  9. ooooohhhh!!!! Moltíssimes felicitats! I gràcies pel sorteig!!! :)
    Les etiquetes són una preciositat! :)
    Que tinguis un bon dia!

  10. Nenaaaaaaaaa, aquestes etiquetes són genials, li queden perfecte!! m'encanta!!!! Mil gràcies pel sorteig!! Creuem els dits!!! M'encantaria que em toqués!!!!! :)

  11. Your new wooden tags look great. They give a nice finish to your hats. I also love the colours you choose. Viola

  12. Cristina,

    M'encanten les etiquetes que t'has fet! són genials!!!
    Moltes gràcies pel sorteig i moltíssimes felicitats pel teu proper aniversari, jo soc 1 any més gran que tu.

    Petonassos i a veure si tinc sort!!!


    1. Moltes gràcies, Anna! però quan tu vas deixar aquest comentari ja s'havia fet el sorteig! jajajaja! em sap molt de greu! Una abraçada!!!!!


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