Friday, April 29, 2016

a doily, the garden, and first school camp

Lately I have not done much crocheting,
I've got some projects in hands but for now I can not finish ...
The creative intensity has diminished
but I've something for to do from time to time ...

And I received my share of exchange organized
by Alícia (here) (#canvidemans)  Comes from Mallorca!!!
Many thanks Susanna!!! I love this beautiful bag!

And now it's time to enjoy the terrace and I have also done
some landscaping work. Surprisingly this year the calla lily
( Zantedeschia ) has many flowers ...

I can spent hours on the terrace watching every little miracle ...
Nature never ceases to amaze me ...

As always my little one daughter want to help me ...

she is so happy when plays with water!

 This is the first night that has left home to go to school camps ...
two days and one night without contact with family ...
how spent the night ??? she not want to take bunny Lulo ...
she left him in the car convinced saying
"I do not want, mama! I'm a big girl!"

My little girl is ever-growing and it is hard, very hard,
but I must learn to let go to fly ... this afternoon when we meet again
I know that I will embrace it more strong than ever ....

My little one ... love you so much ...


  1. Hi what a lovely garden you have.
    Spring has sort of come here in England, it 'so cold at the moment.
    I love your colours so bright and happy.
    The doily is gorgeous I must have a go at making one.

  2. Hello Cristina! I met your blog recently and enjoyed it a lot. You play with colors in a way I identify my self. That bag is absolutely gorgeous, I loved it! You know, your princess with the experience you gave her is learning to be happier. Nice weekend ;)

  3. Lovely pictures of your colourful doily and gorgeous bag. Your flowers are looking wonderful! So hard (but good) when our little ones begin to grow up.....I hope your little girl had a wonderful time on her trip and how nice it will be to have her back and give her a big hug!
    Happy weekend Cristina.
    Helen xox

  4. I like the pictures of your terrace. Here in Germany the weaher is still awful, rain and cold, brrrr!. I know how difficult it is to let the children spread out their wings but it is so important. You will manage and your daughter will be very happy about it. Have a nice weekend, Viola

  5. Oh, that must be difficult, your little one sleeping away from home for the first time. I hope she enjoyed it.

  6. qué bien teneis aprovechada la terraza!!!
    qué tal su primera salida?


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