Saturday, April 9, 2016

crochet shawl and Anni B Sweet - Chasing Illusions

Spring is here and with this lovely sun
I stop to make blankets and crocheted hats.
So today I show you my first spring work ...

This is a crochet shawl made with Natura Just Cotton of DMC
This yarn brand is ideal for creating garments for summer.
It's so sweet and soft! Here I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and I'm working with two skeins simultaneously ...

For my birthday a friend give me this beautiful bag for crocheting.
And it is very useful for this project! I think that this spring
and summer I will work a lot with this bag ... I love it sooooo!

As you can see the shades are soft inside this crochet shawl.
It is for this that to give a bit of light of this crocheted project
I decided to do the edging with bright colors ...

And for the edging as always my favourite waves!
I made it with 4mm crochet hook and I worked
with two diferents skeins, purple and pink ...

This crochet shawl is very easy to make
and I made others than you can see in my blog.
If you want you can see my others shawls
the first here , the second here and third here

And some days ago I have made some gardening works.
And one more time I have seen that my little succulents
are very strong because they survive another winter ...

This crochet shawl is ideal for walking in the summers nights.
Made with 100% cotton yarn and made with lots of love
for to give a friend who lives a bit far ...

My friend can worn the crochet shawl as she want.
And you, how you prefer dress the shawls?

The maniqui who has participated in this photo shot
is a gift who made me one of my true life friends.
Truth, is so beautiful!

Chilhood friends, school friends, university friends,
work friends, bloger friends ... I have so many true friends.
I am very lucky ... all are part of my life,
and I'm so happy for to make gifts for they ...

And I think time ago I've also put something of 
Anni B Sweet Well, today more ... Enjoy!
I'm in love of  the beginning of this song ...
beautiful song ...

Have a nice day my lovelies!
Thanks for coming here,
thanks for your visit and all your sweet comments.
you make me always happy here in
my world of wool



  1. El chal está precioso ♥ y el detalle del botón es genial

  2. Yes,I agree the bottom is god idea:)

  3. it is beautiful! I love the colors you used: green and pink the best!
    I think I'll do too a summer shawl with cotton!
    Have a good day!

  4. Such a beautiful shawl, I love the colours and the pink edging! I love your wonderful mannequin too. Your photos are delightful Cristina!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  5. Oh, the shawl is lovely and the colors are just perfect. I love the way you style your photos, Cristina, always so beautiful.


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