Tuesday, April 5, 2016

granny stripe blanket and crochet hats

Today has rained a bit and freshened the atmosphere
and I think it is better to show you my new granny stripe blanket
on a rainy day than on a sunny day, right? Come on!

 This granny stripe blanket is for to welcome
a beautiful baby who was born recently.

One more time a blanket with the granny stitch.
I love this easy pattern!

Here I've worked with 4mm crochet hook
and with four colours of Stylecraft Special DK.

 This granny stripe blanket has a set of two crochet hats,
one for this lovely baby and one for his big brother.
The crochet hats are made with 6mm crochet hook and
I've worked with two skeins of yarn.

I wanted one blanket colorful funny for children. You like it?

And I think my new wooden tags looks very well in all of my works ...

I dont know because I had not done  before these beautiful wooden tags.
But it is this ... go progress and improve every day ...

 The colored stripes are more big than the others blankets
that I've made before. Here I've done six lines with each color ...

I wish that these brothers will love these hats and this crochet blanket.

Hope you have a nice day and happy crocheting!
Many thanks for all your lovely comments in my last post ...

See you soon here, in
my world of wool


  1. very sweet from you to think even about the big brother!!!
    You made a lovely work, so colourful!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. How beautiful, Cristina !~! I love the wide fat stripes even more than the other ones you have made. That Granny Stitch is one of the prettiest stitches I've seen considering its simplicity. Your designs that you make from it are gorgeous.

    The boys will love the blanket for a long time.

    How do you make your backgrounds so white behind your photos? Your comment about my door needing paint alerted me to the backgrounds you are able to get in your pictures-I need to paint a few spots in my home - upon closer inspection !~! Thanks for the head's up; I bet there are no spaces in your home that look like that door of mine, are there ?~!

    1. Thank you, Lynda! Your comments always get to my heart! You ask me for the background of the photos. I like choosed a white background so that the crochet works shine more well. You can use a white cardboard, wood white, a white wall. After, edit this image and ... ready! I like to know that you like my photos! A big hug from Catalonia!

  3. Hi! I love your hats! Is it your own design? They look so neat! Great colours, bright and cheerful!

  4. Your blanket is lovely - I am about to make a granny stripe blanket too, hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours


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