Wednesday, May 11, 2016

crochet shawl and our flowers and plants

This week is becoming rainiest. And today is a perfect day
for to show you a new crochet work, a new shawl.
I enjoyed a lot making the last crochet shawl
and it is for this that I have worked it in the same way ...

To make this crochet shawl I have worked with yarn
Natura Just Cotton of DMC . Here I worked simultaneously
with two skeins and 6mm crochet hook.

 For the edging I have worked with 4mm crochet hook
and, as always, I made these waves ...
I love the waves for the edging ...

These Shawls with this pattern look very good, right?
I think I'll do a lot more ...

You can see this pattern here.

One more time, thanks Elaine Phillips for sharing!

And I'm very happy with my wooden tags!
They are perfect for my crochet works
and they look too very well! I love it!

You like the crochet shawls?
I think that they are perfect for rainy days like today,
do not you think?

Yesterday I take it some photos on the terrace ...
our little garden grows every day ... 

the succulents and red flowers ...

even in cloudy days our garden has charm ...

a small flower to burst and raindrops that seem crystal ...

This year one hydrangea was dead and for the moment
other hydrangea has only one flower ... 

For many years these plants have dressed our terrace
and this make me happy ...

And on my last Ikea trip I bought these fabrics.
I'm impatient to sew and create new things ...

And many thanks for your nice comments about school camp ...
Carlota has enjoyed the experience and was very happy
with the bus, the games, the stars, the tales, the berths,
the forest, the medicinal plants, princes and princesses ...
I think that she wants repeat next year!

A big hug for all!
Thanks for coming here in
my world of wool

thaaaaaaaaaaaanks ............


  1. waoh! És perciós! M'encanta!!!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous shawl!! The colours you picked are so lovely, they make it look especially stylish. Love all your pretty flowers and plants too...their colours look so nice next to your yarns. So glad Carlota had a lovely time at school camp :)
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  3. Beautiful shawl! Especially love the colors! :)

  4. Prachtige sjaal in schitterende kleuren. Heb genoten van de leuke en super mooie foto's. Toppie !!!

  5. I love crochet shawls and granny are my favourites. Congratulations, your shawl is lovely, good colors and the yarn looks great. In the moment I've one granny cotton shawl in my hook too.
    Have a lovely day ;)

  6. Are there instructions for the edging, please? Joan

    1. Hi Joan! send me a mail and I will help you to find some links for the shells edging pattern! Thanks for your visit!

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