Saturday, June 25, 2016

and the winner is ...

Now, to celebrate four years of this blog we going to Giveaway!
I'm immensely grateful to everyone who have visited me
during these last years. I have learned many things with you
and I'm very happy to see you here in my world of wool ...
And the winner is ...

Lua!!!!! Many congratulations!!!
Now I'm making a crochet chain
so that you can use as a keychain
or hang them wherever you want!

Many thanks to all participants!
thanks for your kind words!
you make me always so happy! a big hug!
and I wish you have a good weekend!

see you soon!

( You can see the Giveaway here )

Thursday, June 16, 2016

GIVEAWAY and pray for Orlando with Fangoria - Criticar por criticar

One day when I was with my mom in the hospital
I started to crochet a house ... and other... and other ...
if we are more days the hospital I'm sure it become a great city!
After eight days at the hospital now my mother
is recovering at home ...

But bad days are better with crochet, right?
and also are better with great friends ... I am a very lucky
because I have the best friends of the world ...
the best friends, yeah ... and best of the world ...
a lots of hugs and kisses from my daughter every night,
oh yeaaaaaaah!

I am a person dedicated exclusively to the care of my daughter,
I try be next to my friends when they need me,
I go to work trying not bother anyone and my distractions
are my daughter, my friends, this blog, crochet ...
I want a quiet life, with nobody bother me,
because I do not bother anybody ...

My question is this:
You have or have had in your lives a bad person
who trying to destroy your peace of mind?
you believe there are people whose sole intention
is to destroy the lives of others? criticize? tell lies?
a person who she is happy if you has one problem?

Every day I thank the universe, thanks at the life,
to meet so many good people, who have clean hearts,
generous people full of love for me,
the friends who rejoice with my things,
friends with zero bad intentions,
people who try to make my life easier
and always help me ...

I do not want evil for anyone.
But a the bad people will wish them luck because
sooner or later they will need it ...

And to celebrate fourth anniversary of the blog,
today the Giveaway!
For participate, leave a comment in this post.
You can tell me how long you follow my blog,
what you like most of crochet world's ...
I'm always happy to reading your words!

The Giveaway will be next week, on June 25
 For the winner I will to give these 4 crochet houses.
Good luck to everyone!

A big hug for all families and friends
of the victims attack in Orlando ... 
At this week, more than ever, Fangoria ,
in honor of all the victims of this attack
and all the good people who fight
for freedoms of others, 
dedicated to all good people that are in this world,
because sometimes are what make less noise ...

see you soon .....

Monday, June 13, 2016

crochet covers

 Days ago I wanted to publish the second part
of gift that my sister wanted to make for his coworkers.
But a few days ago that my mother is in the hospital
and stop the blog for other week ...

But today I want to show you the second part:
one cover for each handbag. Here I have worked
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS

The mustard colour, which I like more and more every day ...

And this crochet cover that I made with purple
because I had no turquoise yarn.
But it looks good, right?

I made some lining for inside these covers.
It's perfect for sunglasses, mobile phone ...

You want to see the post of these handbags ? click here

As always I enjoyed with packaging ...

And these days I have the theme of gardening
a little abandoned ... although nature always surprises me ...
and I'm glad because this lavender that I bought days ago
not even take care but you can see that is splendid ...

Thanks for your kind words ...
and thanks for these four years with me ...
the anniversary of the blog has passed ...
but soon I will making a Giveaway for you!!!
Stay tuned!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

handbags and Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

Without realizing it we are already in the month of June!
So today I offer you an entry with summery look!
Now will see how the mandalas that I showed you in previous post
was become  in fantastic handbags ...

I've done three bags following this tutorial that you can find here

These fabrics I bought on my last trip to Ikea are resistant
and I think they are perfect  for the manufacture of bags.
And the mandalas, as I told in the previous post,
are made with cotton yarn DROPS PARIS
and are hand-stitched in the fabric. 

My sister has to make three gifts to your co-workers,
so still I have a mandala to make a bag for she!
A long time that I not sewed with my sewing machine
and I enjoyed a lot making these bags!

It is the first time that I use the wooden labels of "All This Wood"
on fabrics and here also I think that they give a nice touch ...

To realize the photo shoot I have the help of this beautiful woman.
Thanks, my friend! Thanks to you it been a great photo shoot!

A long time ago that I not attend a concert.
I would have liked to go to the concert Coldplay
that did last week in Barcelona ... I read for everywhere
that it was an incredible concert ...
Of course, today we will listen ...  Coldplay !

Hope you have a nice day!
A nice day for all the wonderful women of the world!
For my lovely friends, for the working women,
for the women who care of the home,
for the women who caring for their children,
for the women who always have time for a friend
who has a problem, for the women they are always on the other side
of the phone the day when you need it most .......
for all, all the great women of this world ........

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of good moments,
crochet and beautiful crafts!