Tuesday, July 26, 2016

crochet doily and Massive Attack, Azekel - Ritual Spirit

I had so much fun doing  the last mandala that I show you in the last post.
So  that the other day I decided to make another one ...

 Here is my new crochet doily! This time I have worked with
Natura Just Cotton of DMC brand and 4mm crochet hook.

Once the doily is finish I thought I it would be fun to use it in a different way ...

So in home I have a photo frame but I still had not decided
the photo I want to put ... so I make a artistic test ...

The truth is that the result surprised me even me!
Is incredible how one skein of yarn can make us so happy ...

Is not really beautiful this doily gray in this photo frame Ikea?
the world of crochet can be so funny, surprising
and creative like this! 

This is a beautiful craft that you can do at home!
I'm thinking the next few days to make a granny square
and also put in a photo frame like this ...
it would be very nice, right?

Also I wrote down the pattern while I was doing the doily,
although some time I had must undo the work done ...
not always things come out at the first time, right?

An ephemeral work, if you want, but once you want to replace a photo,
you can use as a doily or a applique for a t-shirt, etc.etc.
There are so many possibilities and ideas!

While I'm editing the pictures I heard this song of Massive Attack  nonstop.
This is one of the videos that struck me most in recent months.
Only Kate can make a performance like this ...
stunning ...

Many thanks for visiting me here in
my world of wool

Thanks you for your feedback, time is valuable
and I thank you deeply you give me a little of your time

Hope you've a nice day and your mind
was full of creativity and beautiful thoughts

see you soon!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

doily with Natura Just Cotton XL and The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down

Hello, my friends!
you want to see the final outcome of doily?
well, today I can show you! Here it is!
my new crochet doily!

The size is ideal for the fruit bowl
that I wanted to use this doily, 32 centimeters in diameter.
I have used one ball of yarn of Natura Just Cotton XL,
of DMC ( here ) and 6mm crochet hook.

And I love my wooden tags but I think that
they are not very useful to put in the doilies ...

So I decided to save my wooden tags for another day.
And I review the pattern that I've created
while I make this doily. I want to save it
for when I return to make another doily
with this great yarn Natura Just Cotton XL of DMC

As you know, I always love improvised,
usually I do not follow any pattern ...
I was writing down my steps when I works ...

As you can see, in the 7 round I not make increases,
because I thought that it would look better my work.
It all depends on each person,
we work the threads with different  tension, right?

And you, you want to make this doily?
You can use my pattern, but please do not copy my work
for to say that you have made it! I leave free patterns and tutorials,
thousands of people around the world have enjoyed with my rug patterns.
But please, always indicate the link or the place or artist
where you've inspired. Very easy, right?

Behind each post of my blog there are hours and hours of work,
I'm happy to share my works but I'm more happy
when people respect and appreciated the work of others creators.
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaks .........

And now the song with which I've made editing photos
this morning and I have writing this post this evening.
Don't let me down, of The Chainsmokers 
Today I can non stop listening ...

Hope you've a great day
full of creativity
beautiful things
great songs
good friends
enthralling books
in the sea or mountains
or in your home ...

Once again, my dears ....
many thaaaaanks for stopping here in
my world of wool

see you soon!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

a new crochet doily and Band of Horses - The Funeral

A long time ago that I wanted to try the wool
 Natura Just Cotton XL of DMC
but I have not had the opportunity to do. So finally
when I have a skein of yarn on my hands
only I can think in a new project ...

Here I have worked with 6mm crochet hook.
Today I can not show you the project finished,
still some laps to finish ...
I think it can become a nice doily, right ...?

And with this wool would also be ideal,
with a some few skeins, make a carpet ...
really we have a lot of possibilities
with this lovely wool of DMC (here)

A simple and fun project for those relaxing days ...
I want a summer without haste ...
I love enjoy the little things in life ...
And you, you're having a good summer?
you have a project in your hands?
perhaps these months of summer our creativity decreases
but there's always some little project to do, right?

Today I share with you a beautiful song from a few years ago ...
The Funeral, of Band of Horses
even though they already have a new album ...
Recover this song because as you know I love to listen
hours and hours my favourite songs ... awesome ...

Thanks for your visit! thanks for your comments,
your emails and for always being there!
I not publish a lot lately, but I'm still here ...

see you soon!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

crochet headband and Arcade Fire - Afterlife

Hello, my friends! how you started the summer? I hope very well!
We we have started to go to the pool and the first day
I found that I lacked a headband. So in the night,
I decided to make one ...

Like the rest of headbands I've done previously,
I used a rubber to give more flexibility. And here
I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn Annell Cotton 8,
which I bought long ago and still remain some skeins ...

And my daughter asked me a great photo shoot ...
she loves to take photos !!!! and I'm happy to see how she grows
and she learns so many new things every day ...

And in recent days, listening Afterlife of Arcade Fire
Tonight they were acting in Barcelona, Sala Razzmatazz
And next weekend in  Festival Bilbao BBK Life
Some of you have lucky to see them????
I, from my home listen thousands times this perfect song ...

I'm not doing much works of crocheting these days ...
I'm on vacation mode, enjoying Carlota, meals with friends,
afternoons at the pool, trying to live slowly in these days,
because we run enough during the year, right?

Million thanks for visiting me!
for your beautiful comments,
for your likes in Instagram and Pinterest!

I wish you a good summer, my friends!
see you soon!