Thursday, July 14, 2016

a new crochet doily and Band of Horses - The Funeral

A long time ago that I wanted to try the wool
 Natura Just Cotton XL of DMC
but I have not had the opportunity to do. So finally
when I have a skein of yarn on my hands
only I can think in a new project ...

Here I have worked with 6mm crochet hook.
Today I can not show you the project finished,
still some laps to finish ...
I think it can become a nice doily, right ...?

And with this wool would also be ideal,
with a some few skeins, make a carpet ...
really we have a lot of possibilities
with this lovely wool of DMC (here)

A simple and fun project for those relaxing days ...
I want a summer without haste ...
I love enjoy the little things in life ...
And you, you're having a good summer?
you have a project in your hands?
perhaps these months of summer our creativity decreases
but there's always some little project to do, right?

Today I share with you a beautiful song from a few years ago ...
The Funeral, of Band of Horses
even though they already have a new album ...
Recover this song because as you know I love to listen
hours and hours my favourite songs ... awesome ...

Thanks for your visit! thanks for your comments,
your emails and for always being there!
I not publish a lot lately, but I'm still here ...

see you soon!



  1. ti seguo come follower se ti va ti aspetto nel mio blog :)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful vibrant yellow! Great doily. No decrease of creativity here so far, I even knit hats & socks in summer... what's done in summer, is ready for winter :-). But I have to admit it's no real summer here this year :o). Happy weekend! Nata xxx

  3. An happy yellow!!! Beautiful :) In this days I´m finishing some old summer projects and I´m doing anothers with cotton scraps, for my caravan. Quiet days, with lots of color. Have a happy week ;)

  4. What a lovely summery yellow cotton yarn that is.....and your crochet with it looks gorgeous! Yes, it is time to slow down and enjoy the summer days...but as you say, always with a little bit of crafting going on too. Wishing you a wonderful summer Cristina!
    Helen xox


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