Tuesday, July 26, 2016

crochet doily and Massive Attack, Azekel - Ritual Spirit

I had so much fun doing  the last mandala that I show you in the last post.
So  that the other day I decided to make another one ...

 Here is my new crochet doily! This time I have worked with
Natura Just Cotton of DMC brand and 4mm crochet hook.

Once the doily is finish I thought I it would be fun to use it in a different way ...

So in home I have a photo frame but I still had not decided
the photo I want to put ... so I make a artistic test ...

The truth is that the result surprised me even me!
Is incredible how one skein of yarn can make us so happy ...

Is not really beautiful this doily gray in this photo frame Ikea?
the world of crochet can be so funny, surprising
and creative like this! 

This is a beautiful craft that you can do at home!
I'm thinking the next few days to make a granny square
and also put in a photo frame like this ...
it would be very nice, right?

Also I wrote down the pattern while I was doing the doily,
although some time I had must undo the work done ...
not always things come out at the first time, right?

An ephemeral work, if you want, but once you want to replace a photo,
you can use as a doily or a applique for a t-shirt, etc.etc.
There are so many possibilities and ideas!

While I'm editing the pictures I heard this song of Massive Attack  nonstop.
This is one of the videos that struck me most in recent months.
Only Kate can make a performance like this ...
stunning ...

Many thanks for visiting me here in
my world of wool

Thanks you for your feedback, time is valuable
and I thank you deeply you give me a little of your time

Hope you've a nice day and your mind
was full of creativity and beautiful thoughts

see you soon!



  1. Pretty doily, looks very stylish in this frame! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Sunny greetings, Nata

  2. Hello Cristina, you won the postcards on my blog. :-) Please send me an email with your address so I can send them to you. All the best, Annemarie

  3. Beautiful crochet doily and how stylish it looks in the Ikea frame! Happy summer Cristina!
    Helen xox

  4. Love your creativity, Cristina. What a genuinely wonderful way to showcase your creations. Thanks for the pattern for the hats. You're one of my favorite bloggers.


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