Tuesday, July 5, 2016

crochet headband and Arcade Fire - Afterlife

Hello, my friends! how you started the summer? I hope very well!
We we have started to go to the pool and the first day
I found that I lacked a headband. So in the night,
I decided to make one ...

Like the rest of headbands I've done previously,
I used a rubber to give more flexibility. And here
I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn Annell Cotton 8,
which I bought long ago and still remain some skeins ...

And my daughter asked me a great photo shoot ...
she loves to take photos !!!! and I'm happy to see how she grows
and she learns so many new things every day ...

And in recent days, listening Afterlife of Arcade Fire
Tonight they were acting in Barcelona, Sala Razzmatazz
And next weekend in  Festival Bilbao BBK Life
Some of you have lucky to see them????
I, from my home listen thousands times this perfect song ...

I'm not doing much works of crocheting these days ...
I'm on vacation mode, enjoying Carlota, meals with friends,
afternoons at the pool, trying to live slowly in these days,
because we run enough during the year, right?

Million thanks for visiting me!
for your beautiful comments,
for your likes in Instagram and Pinterest!

I wish you a good summer, my friends!
see you soon!


  1. So pretty. We have a very hot summer this year, the beach is the best place.


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