Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Little Mermaid!

Last week was the birthday of my little one ...
Wow ... many things happen us during these five years ...
but the most important is that she has grown so much
that it looks more like a little woman than a girl ...
she is very talkative and intelligent,
she is very stubborn and obstinate but always she is very loving ...
she wants do more and even more  always ...

  She likes singing, dancing, look Paw Patrol and Pepa Pig on TV,
reading, writing, playing with the sand, jumping waves in the sea,
go to the pool, watering plants, making cakes, she loves making necklaces
and she always invites friends who she loves to come our house
and loves to give things ... she must always be busy doing something!

Carlota was very happy with her birthday party
and now she ask me impatiently ...
"Mama, how many days lacks for six birthday party?"
Sure, she will asked me for a year these words ...

This year she did not want us to do chocolate cake ...
this year wants this cake!

And among the many things she wanted for her birthday
she want a magic wand ...  Her friends give this one
and she talking a lots of magic words all day
until it will operate, she says ... love this innocence!

And these days is impossible to do my crochet works,
only I made this small crochet house and some crochet hats
that I will show you very soon.

And the summary our summer would be these photos,
afternoons at the pool with my Little Mermaid ...

She spends hours jumping into the water and after watching
Synchronized Swimming Olympic Games ...

she wants to be like Gemma Mengual and Ona Carbonell!

With only five years she does incredible things in and out of the water!

Happy Birthday, Little Mermaid!
Mum loves you to infinity!

And a Good Fairy also knew that Carlota wanted a wand ...
a million thanks Good Fairy! Carlota is practicing all day
with their wands! surely soon will be to operate! 

And for you, my dear readers and followers,
I wish you the best in the world.
And if you have a magic wand at home
you know you have to practice a lot.
Sometimes best wishes comes true!

Thank you for visiting my world of wool!
with my Little Mermaid
we wish you a happy summer!



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little mermaid! Such beautiful, happy photos. I hope those pretty magic wands begin to work and all her wishes come true!
    Helen xox


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