Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ready for Independence!

 Today in my country celebrates the National Day:
La Diada Nacional de Catalunya. 
Thousands of people have taken to the streets peacefully
to demand Catalonia Independence.
This year's motto was this:

In different cities of the country have been pacific manifestations,
open to anyone who wanted to participate ...

 We hope that once again the world has got to know the Catalan people,
peaceful, with enthusiasm, with ideals, with a new future ...

Thanks to all those who are interested in our history and our demands ...

A big hug to everyone! but today in especially,
all Catalans living outside Catalonia ...

Ready for Independence!

In recent days I have not published but I've been working a lot
and I have many things to show.

Today I show these crochet hats,
both are red but made differently ...

And a small sample of my succulents.
As you know, I adore this type of plants ...

Tomorrow is beginning the school year in Catalonia.
It is time to put labels with the name ....

And customize the dressing gown ...

Carlota likes it a lot! she is full of happiness when she saw
what I had sewn for her! And that makes me a happy mom!

My daughter asked me if all the world's children go to school.
I have had to tell the truth, all the world's children can not go to school.
She wants to be a teacher, also an astronaut, journalist,
medical and many other things. She says that when she will be teacher
she will be the teacher of all children who have no school.

A big hug for everyone, today in especially for all the victims,
survivors, family and residents in New York ... 
we never forget ...



  1. Огромный привет вашей малышке из России. В нашей стране учебный год начинается 1 сентября. Все дети старше 6 лет идут в школу.
    Поздравляем вашу девочку с началом учебного года - пусть ее мечты исполнятся.

    1. Спасибо! большое объятие для Вас!

  2. Tenho acompanhado as vossas manifestações pelas notícias e o meu desejo é que consigam alcançar o vosso objectivo :) É incrível ver tanta força unida!
    Que linda que ficou a bata da Carlota, um pequeno pormenor que faz toda a diferença. E adorei os gorros e as tuas suculentas, lindos! bjs*


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