Saturday, October 29, 2016

more crochet mandalas and Joana Serrat - Cloudy Heart feat. Neil Halstead

Make mandalas is a creative craft and relaxing,
but it is the same feel in all crochet works, right?
choose colors, choosing the mandala shape we want ...
although I'm very a monotonous in this sense
and always I use the same pattern ...

 And I am happy to see that a succulent plant of my garden
which was about to die, it survived and I have made the spread and
also go very well. Now I have new small jewels to care ...

To make these mandalas I worked with 4mm crochet hook
and wool DROPS PARIS. I started with a magical ring,
after I made 12 dc, 24 dc, 36 dc ... Increasing 12dc
in every round, here I completed eight colorful rounds.
Finally, I finish with waves ( US crochet terms )

You see! Two new mandalas to brighten a new home.
And a simple detail. I like wrapping gifts.
But with very simple way ...

I like simple things ...

The little things in life are the best. Enjoys every moment
and the people who loves you ... every day some people die near us,
many of them cancer victims.
Surely you have near you some association
dedicated to helping other people.
Solidarity is easy and expense very little.
Here you have a link if you want to consult.


And she is a natural and sweet singer that has me in love
with their beautiful songs ... Joana Serrat
always is a delight listen this great woman ...
If I liked the album Dear Great Canyon, the latter
Cross the Verge is a delight from the first to the last song ...
Saskatoon, Lonely heart Reverb, Desert Valley ...

Many thanks for being here in
my world of wool

I still have many things to share with you.
Very soon  here in the blog more sewing and crocheting works

Thank you for your sweet comments,
you make me always happy


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