Friday, October 21, 2016

vanity cases and Neuman - Turn it

Hello my friends! how're you?
I've been a month without posting anything here on the blog ...
the truth, I've worked a lot and I have many crafts to show you.
Today I will share here my last vanity cases.
To make these vanity cases I have followed the tutorial of (here)  Gracias Estefanía!

For a long time that I not sewed zippers  and I know
they could be better made ... I have to practice sewing more days!
Here I've worked with DROPS PARIS and 4mm crochet hook.

This month I have sewed few hand bags that I will show you
very soon here on the blog. After days without sewing,
is for this that I've a lot of reasons to clean my tools
and my sewing corner. I like to have things tidy.
You want to see where I keep my spools of thread ...? 
In this box of tea bags! for me it is perfect!

And in the last spring I bought this cupboard
and has been very useful for my wool, I kept in boxes before ...

Now I see the inspiration every time I step in front ...

I like to crochet everywhere but photo shoots, editing posts for the blog
and put my ideas in order,  almost happens up here ...

This is my heaven. Here I have the morning light, too the afternoon light,
a beautiful natural light and a beautiful sun every month of the year ...

Behind these curtains, my garden/terrace that you can see here many times,
full of trees and plants, with my read bench, my bench of crochet,
my bench for contemplating the sky, clouds movement,
my bench for to see how grow my plants ...
definitely, is my reflection bench!

And with my inspiration always a soundtrack ...
I never get tired of listening to this beautiful song
and this sensational band, Neuman ...
they created a lot of great songs for this world:
If, Jane, My dad, Tell You ... hope you enjoy!

Thousands of thanks for who read me here yet!

You know too we can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram

See you soon, dear readers and followers

I wish you days full of crafts and creativity!

bye! bye!



  1. Olá Cristina! You have a be-au-ti-ful craft room :D I love it! And the vanity cases are gourgeous, with so good colors! See you soon ;)

  2. Wow! I love your crochet pouches, the cupboard, your working space, the light... actually everything in this post! It's just awesome! And inspiring! :)

  3. El que donaria jo per tenir un armari així ... jo les tinc en capces, igual que les robes ... ja veig que hauré de fer un pensament i fer fora algu de casa.
    Els necessers són molt bonics i la combinació de colors espectaculars.
    Una abraçada

  4. Gorgeous pictures in this post! Your vanity cases are beautiful ......I love the colours and the texture and your zips look great! Your craft room looks like a wonderful place to work, and the cupboard filled with colourful yarn is so pretty. Happy weekend Cristina.
    Helen xox

  5. I found your blog at Annemarie's Haablog link party!! Beautiful colours! I love your blog and the things you make!! I would love if you come and visit my blog at

  6. Hello I have just discovered your Blog. I live in Extremadura and I am trying to learn Spanish, I also enjoy crochet and sewing. Best wishes to you

    1. Welcome, Tanya! I hope you enjoy your journey through my world of wool!
      With this blog I try to learn a little English, I'm self-taught with Google Translate. I hope you can excuse my mistakes in the written language!
      My best wishes for you too!

  7. Nena quina enveja!!! Quin espai que tens més agradable... i els colors que surten de l'armari són ideals... La veritat no m'estranya que facis aquestes coses tan boniques, si només entrar a aquí ja inspira!!!!


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