Tuesday, November 22, 2016

little crochet bags and Love of Lesbian - Cuando no me ves

Make little crochet bags is also an activity that I really like.
And now, that we are approaching Christmas time,
we can think with some small gifts, right?

To make these bags I used 3mm crochet hook and yarn Anell Cotton8
Wool that I bought a few years back and that I still have some skeins.
The tutorial for to make some bags like these you can be found at
santapazienzia.com (here)
Gradually I was practicing the theme of zippers,
I think I have learned a little bit ...

And gradually increasing the collection of hats from
my world of wool ...

I really like how looks these wooden tags in my crochet works ...
These hats are all new ...

And here I show you our collection of some hats,
scarfs and mittens that Carlota and I have used last winter.
And now, for Carlota I have new models
that I will show you very soon ...

One more time I share with you my love for this great band,
Love of Lesbian , this beautiful song is from his new album.
Hope you enjoy!

Today is a rainy day, a day of authentic autumn!

I hope you enjoy your day doing something you like:
crochet, read a good book, listen to good music,
have a coffee with a friend, enjoy the game with your children,
cooking, make a cake ... any activity that you like very much
is beautiful for to practice, right?

A big hug, my friends!

and millions of thanks for your visit!

see you soon!



  1. So many pretty things. I especially like the pink and green purses.

  2. Your purse and hats are lovely.
    Greet Sofie


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