Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas crochet cards and Dorian - La Tormenta de arena

In recent days I have been busy working
in the field of architecture and construction of houses ...
crocheted houses, of course! you already know
that sometimes here I have created small crochet houses.

I love this small crafts ...

sweet crochet ... sweet home ...

and some fall colors ...

Some small crochet houses to wish
a Merry Christmas ...

For to make these small crochet houses I worked
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS.
And I filled it with a synthetic cushion filler.

Soon some Christmas cards will reach their destination ...

I am happy to see the final result ...
And you, you're busy with Christmas decorations?

And now we already have the home decorated
with the Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene
Carlota is very happy and me too ...
I love sharing these moments with she ...

And to edit this post I was listening to the beautiful songs
of this great band, Dorian 
They never expire, they fresh as the first day ...
Thanks Marc, Belly and all members of the band ...
never stop creating a such beautiful songs like these!
A qualquier otra parte, Más problemas,
Al final de la escapadaCorta el aire, La playa bajo el asfalto,
VelerosArrecifeLa tormenta de arena  ...

And thanks all for follow me here in
my world of wool

I'm always infinitely grateful for your visit, your comments
and for everything that you give me is this small world ...
Thaaaanks ...

see you soon!



  1. Lovely houses :-) I had a crochet house addiction some time ago (,,...)
    I thought I was cured, but now I see your beautiful cards, it's itching again :-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  2. I love the houses they are so sweet. Good luck with decorating your house for christmas.

  3. Cristina, your little houses are so cute. And a christmas tree decorated with the little houses should look beautiful!!! At my home we will make the christmas decorations in next sunday :) Have a happy day!

  4. Love, love love the little houses. Your enthusiasm encourages me to try: hat, cowls, now these little darlings.

    Thank you for stopping by LyndaLand; your visits and comments are truly appreciated. Your words inspire me, and for that I am grateful.

    Happy Holidays to you and the young Carlota; may all her dreams come to fruition and may you remain in a good spiritual place throughout the next month.

  5. I love your little crochet houses, Cristina! They are so sweet!
    Helen xox


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