Wednesday, December 14, 2016

warm cowls and hats for winter and Lax'n'Busto La Meva Terra és el Mar

Last winter I dedicated many hours for to make crochet cowls
and so far this fall I think also ...

For to make the crochet cowls I've worked
with 6mm crochet hook and wool Stylecraft Special DK.
I have been working simultanously with two skeins of yarn.

And this year Carlota has a new set for to warm,
pink color, of course! I made a crochet hat and a cowl.

I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and yarn Deramores Studio anti-pilling chunky.

And more hats to protect themselves from the cold!
here these with navy blue, made with wool Stylecraft Special DK ...

 My last purchase are these coils of wool with which I am working now
and soon I will show you what I'm doing ...

These are days of foggy and cold ... When the sun shines
and illuminates the rooms of our home is a great joy ...

These are hard days for coworker which operated today ...
Life is beautiful but sometimes very complicated ...
I have listened a lot of music today ...
all day thinking about him, his family, his friends ...
But a great friend of his told me that everything was well!
and this news made me soooooooooooo happy ...
We can only hope that he recovers and very soon
can hug very strong all the people whom he loves ...
Molta força, Xavi ...

And for all the families who spend Christmas in hospitals these days ...
kisses and kisses and a lot of hugs for everyone ...

Hugs and kisses are the best medicine!



  1. You're right: hugs and kisses are the best medicine :-)
    Rays of sunlight and music help too!
    I like your cowls and hats, they are so neat and bright and look very warm indeed.
    Have a nice day,

  2. It´s a big true, there is no better cure then a lot of affection! Cristina, so beautiful the colors from the coils, so calm and romantic. I'm curious about what will come out of it ;)
    big hug

  3. I like your makes. And the colors are terrific. I like hugs as well :-)


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