Monday, January 30, 2017

crochet hats and Love of Lesbian - Bajo el Volcán

Hello, how are you? how feels in this first month of the year?
I have to say that I'm working hard and can't stop doing things ....

Look these nice warm hats! with navy blue are elegant, right?
To make these hats I worked with 6mm crochet hook and yarn
Stylecraft Special DK (two skeins simultaneously).

I do the photo shoot with very good company ...
look these two doudous that gave us a friend.
She is a great dressmaker and every time
she gives us a handmade gift I can not stopping
to surprise me for such perfection ...

Red hat was for me and
this doudou with the letter C is for Carlota.
It's not truth they are beautiful?
Thaaaaanks @!

And I made a new crochet cowl with gray color.
Here I've worked with a 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins of yarn  Stylecraft Special DK.

And all packs ready to be delivered.
Some have already reached their destination ...
I'm working hard lately!

What model to wrap gifts prefer you?
With white? with brown? 
I like both ...

I'm working hard, but happy.
And I trying every day to do the work well done and
if I can I will share it with you for a long time ...

To edit this post I have been listening to Love of Lesbian ...

Thanks once again for your  sweet comments,
your emails, your support for Instagram ...
many, many thanks for giving me
so many good moments ...

I wish you have a week
full of beautiful and creative moments ...

A big hug ...

see you soon ...


Friday, January 20, 2017

crochet cowls with puff crochet stitch

When I make certain crochet works
I feel the need for to do some more of the same ...
lately, my obsession is do crochet cowls ... 

I love to crochet these cold winter days ...
and these crocheted cowls are always a good gift, right?

To make these crochet cowls I've worked with 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins of Artic, of DMC brand.
This acrylic wool is soft and resists very well washing.

I like so much this puff crochet stitch ...
I like so much all these colors ...
I like so much these wooden tags ...
hahaha! and you, you like all this?

Today another cowl is finished! Hurray!

In case you you're interested, references are:
green 550-P_08 brown 550-P_121 pink 550-P_134
You can find these yarns here: 

But perhaps now it is time to make some hats
and perhaps a blanket, right ...?

Thanks for stop here in my world of wool for a while

I hope you've a nice day
full of creativity and beautiful things.

A big hug and happy crocheting!

see you soon!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

crochet cowls, crochet bags and Carlos Sadness - Perseide

Happy New Year, dear readers!!! how're you???
here in my country the fog for a long time ago ...
many days without seeing the sun ...

that is why I would spend hours doing crochet
and take time to do any new works ...

With these fog days it's impossible a day with optimum light
to make a good photo shoot ... 
But today is a bright sun morning!

And as you know I've fallen in love with puff crochet stitch
and I'm creating these crochet cowls. They're perfect
for this winter so cool!

To make these crochet cowls I've worked with 6mm crochet hook
and Artic, of DMC brand. Here I'm working
with two skeins of wool simultaneously.

And finally I finished one of the bags
that I had for months how work in progress.
For this handbag I made a dressing case.
It's a touch of color to brighten these foggy days ...

And finally I sewed too the zippers in these others ...

Currently I have other work in progress:
some vanity cases to sew zippers and a couple crochet shawls.
I'm looking to finish all crochet works in progress
and hope I can start the year with new projects,
possibly blankets ... and you? you've new crochet projects?

The music of Carlos Sadness is ideal
to keep the joy in adverse weather situations ...
Monteperdido , Que electricidad, El gran momento,
El interior de las palmeras, Sputnik ...
today I hope you enjoy with this song ...

Thank you my dear readers for another year
and for follow my adventures in the world of handmade.

As always, in this new year I will showing everything I do here,
in the blog. It makes me happy to know that I can be a help to you.

And  If you have any questions you already know
that you can write me an e-mail

A big hug and many, many thanks for visiting
my world of wool

see you soon!