Thursday, January 5, 2017

crochet cowls, crochet bags and Carlos Sadness - Perseide

Happy New Year, dear readers!!! how're you???
here in my country the fog for a long time ago ...
many days without seeing the sun ...

that is why I would spend hours doing crochet
and take time to do any new works ...

With these fog days it's impossible a day with optimum light
to make a good photo shoot ... 
But today is a bright sun morning!

And as you know I've fallen in love with puff crochet stitch
and I'm creating these crochet cowls. They're perfect
for this winter so cool!

To make these crochet cowls I've worked with 6mm crochet hook
and Artic, of DMC brand. Here I'm working
with two skeins of wool simultaneously.

And finally I finished one of the bags
that I had for months how work in progress.
For this handbag I made a dressing case.
It's a touch of color to brighten these foggy days ...

And finally I sewed too the zippers in these others ...

Currently I have other work in progress:
some vanity cases to sew zippers and a couple crochet shawls.
I'm looking to finish all crochet works in progress
and hope I can start the year with new projects,
possibly blankets ... and you? you've new crochet projects?

The music of Carlos Sadness is ideal
to keep the joy in adverse weather situations ...
Monteperdido , Que electricidad, El gran momento,
El interior de las palmeras, Sputnik ...
today I hope you enjoy with this song ...

Thank you my dear readers for another year
and for follow my adventures in the world of handmade.

As always, in this new year I will showing everything I do here,
in the blog. It makes me happy to know that I can be a help to you.

And  If you have any questions you already know
that you can write me an e-mail

A big hug and many, many thanks for visiting
my world of wool

see you soon!



  1. You r inspiring me to do the puff stitch. puff stitch is looking pretty both in cowls and purses.

  2. I love your blog, Cristina. I crocheted new hats for three young girls, my best friend in Canada and myself. Then a blanket for my gato; and working on a blanket for husband.

    Happy 2017 to both you and Carlota. May each step lead to peace.

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting; I truly love each comment. Hugs my friend so far away.

  3. Hola Cristina, feliç 2017! Sempre que veig les coses que fas m'agafen ganes de tornar a fer ganxet... (crec que deu fer un any que no faig res!). Aquest punt queda moníssim, i aquests estoigs son preciosos! I les bosses amb els tapetes de colors alegren la vista! M'agrada molt veure les coses que fas...

    1. Moltes gràcies , Alba!
      Doncs a veure si t'animes i et re-enganxes amb el ganxet. Per aquests dies de fred és una activitat perfecta, oi???
      Et desitjo feliç 2017 i que siguis molt feliç, fent ganxet, dibuixant, llegint o fent el que més t'agradi ...


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