Monday, February 6, 2017

crochet shawl

Finally today I finished this shawl that I started in fall.
It is a gift for my mother, she makes much use of them
because she always have cold ...

Lately I make some crochet shawls for she
and she is proud to explain that her daughter it has given ...

This shawl lacked edging, and finally this afternoon
with wind but very sunny, I put on the bed to make crochet ...

My little one has accompanied me
and she paint a lots of flowers for our home
because soon we want to say welcome to spring ...

 Here I have worked with yarn 
Stylecraft Special DK and 4mm crochet hook.
I really enjoy seeing this work completed.
I love do crochet shawls!

And also I love do these crochet cowls.
Here, finishing one new with this color so beautiful.
And time to choosing a wooden tag ...

And here with a new crochet cowl ...
I can not stop! I love do crochet cowls!

Yes, in our home we always make a lot of works ...
We make a great team, Carlota!

She has painted more thirty flowers to decorate the walls ...
she says that she wants flowers for all home! 

She grows and becomes very large ...
loves to read and spends hours reading stories to the dolls
and doing a lots of things ...

I love to see how she grows
and I enjoy these beautiful moments to its side ...

thanks Carlota ...
it's true that you're my spring ...

t'estima, la mama



  1. Beautiful shawl. I like the darker edging.
    And beautiful flowers on the wall! They make a very pretty fabric print.

  2. I love granny shawls! You know, now I saw your new shawl, with lovely colors, I wanted to make one more for my self :D Thank you for the inspiration Cristina ;) aaaahhhh and the flowers on the wall, wonderful!!!

  3. How beautiful... you made a shawl for your mother, and you're enjoying the moments with your daughter... Your daughter reminds me of my daughter at that age ( my daughter is now 11 years old ). She could be so busy with drawing and doing all kind of stuff, meanwhile entertaining me with her stories.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  4. Colori fantastici e una lavorazione meravigliosa

  5. I am in love with your color choices for that shawl! It's such a relaxing color palette. I have pinned as inspiration for later.
    I am running a year long Granny-Spiration Challenge, and would love if you came and linked up with us :) There’s also a yarn giveaway going on right now. It can be found here:
    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots


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